Mueller. You’ve heard the name. Looking into the so-called “collusion.” Give me break, should be looking into Crooked Hillary. But this Mueller character, he’s even worse, worst of the bunch. Many sources have told me he’s a draft dodger and a sexual predator.

Absolute scum, folks. Didn’t want to go to Vietnam. He was rich, and you know what happened in those days, the rich got whatever they wanted. Didn’t care about America. “Bone-spurs,” Mueller said, whatever those are. But you know what I did, you’ve heard the amazing stories. Left privilege and signed up to fight in the jungle. Bronze Star. Purple Heart. So many more distinctions. I’m a war hero.

And this Mueller guy’s sex crimes. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve heard. The rumors are bad enough, but brave women, almost as brave as me, have come forward to share their stories. Stories of… I shouldn’t even say it. But you need to hear it. The American people deserve to know what the man in charge of this horrific investigation has done.

So vile. So disgusting. Accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. Accused of raping his ex-wife. Accused of harassing, groping, assaulting so many women throughout the years. Countless. You won’t believe this: He didn’t just admit to it. Mueller, this pig, the man we’re trusting with this entire investigation, he brags about it. Can’t make this stuff up, not if you tried.

Innocent until proven guilty, I know, I know. I know the Constitution better than, better than the guys who wrote the thing. But this isn’t a court of law, do you see a judge? I don’t see a judge. I don’t see, I don’t see. Court of public opinion, that’s what it is, that’s where we are right now. That court.

Obviously, so clearly, as clear as—you’ve never even seen something this clear, except maybe how clearly I didn’t collude—Mueller is out of his mind. Unstable. Delusional. Demented. Dangerous. Unstable. Whatever he does or says, can’t believe him, can’t trust him. A man of pure evil, his entire life. The corruption is endless. Family, too, even.

I’ve never done a single illegal thing in my life. Meanwhile, the corrupt FBI only does illegal things. Only. At the top of the FBI? The coward Mueller who skipped out on Vietnam, who’s attacked women his whole life. And the worst part, maybe the worst part, I haven’t even gotten to the worst.

He’s a registered Democrat.