The fake news media is lying. Always lying. They’re saying to all these people out there, people who believe them because they’re listening, they say all these things. Ties to Russia. They say this, believe me I’ve heard it, that I have ties to Russia. El Presidente. But I don’t have ties to Russia, folks, come on. Silly stuff. No, no, Russia has ties to me. 

Big difference. Huge. Even bigger than, Trump Tower, my hands, you get it. Big. The big difference is there, here and there.

How can I have ties to Russia? The best people, all the people, really, but mostly the best, have said I don’t. And they’re working for me now. Which is why, that’s why plus other reasons, like all you beautiful people out there, so beautiful, that’s why we’re doing such a great job. Phenomenal. Arguably, well you could argue but you’d lose, lose by so much, clearly the best job ever. 

I don’t even understand why we’re talking about this stuff, considering how we won with over 300 electoral votes.

Easy to see the difference. Russia has ties to me. How could they not? Businessman, you understand, you name it. You get these countries, these rich people, and I mean rich, folks, richer beyond your wildest dreams, too rich, the Bernie people would say. Before he sold out. Such a shame, Bernie the sellout. Crazy and a sellout. And all the countries want business with me. Who doesn’t? I’d want business with me, making money and properties. Such beautiful properties. Golf courses. Hotels. Ties to me, just gorgeous. 

I met Putin once before in the green room at 60 Minutes, that’s it. Ever. One and only. Said it a million times, I’ll say it again. Nothing to hide. So we know each other, I’d say we get along, I don’t really know him, but we have fun. Respect him, he respects me. We talk, we chat. Loves my resorts, the Trump resorts. Very good friends, close. I stop him from stuff, I keep an eye on him. I watch, he’s not doing anything under my watch. Looking out. The ties, you make money when you have as much money as I have, you gotta do it. Don’t even know where the money is half the time, so much money.

You see? No ties to Russia, folks. No ties. You can check. In fact, everybody’s checked. They checked even though all the people said they didn’t care. They said it, I said it, but the fake media, it doesn’t listen. Checked and no ties. And people didn’t want them to check. Bigger problems. Jobs, Mexico, money. Immigration. So much immigration, you wouldn’t believe it. Killing children. Russia, Putin, they see me and think, I want ties.

Couldn’t have ties to Russia. Ties to me, ties to me. One goes one way, the other goes the other way. I don’t even understand why we’re talking about this stuff, considering how we won with over 300 electoral votes. More than anyone predicted, except me. I knew, but that’s why everyone voted for me. They know I’m good at knowing. Conspiracies everywhere, that’s what it is. False. Fake news and hoax news and fake stories. 

Plus the taxes, nobody wants. When the audit is over, you’ll see my returns. Nobody desires, even. Me especially, I don’t want to see, government takes so much money. Gotta fix. Easy fix, businessmen like me, I know how to fix economies. Do it all the time. So good, so fast. Quick. I’ll talk to Putin, he’s got ties to me, and we’ll fix it all right up.

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