Potential ridesharing company for teens: Uberty.

I really need to stop spelling “Colledge” with a “D”. Looks bad on my resume.

Hack: I updated my LinkedIn headline to “Visual Storyteller” and was instantly recruited by Rooms To Go.

“10 Ways to Fix Your AirPods” definitely means “We Don't Know What's Wrong With Your AirPods.”

Transparency is key, but for some reason most people can't see it.

The brain surgery industry seems biased towards elitists with medical degrees.

I support a gossip-free workplace but I heard that some of our co-workers don’t.

There should be a food delivery app that also tells you what part of your order will be wrong or forgotten.

I’m not addicted to caffeine, my boss is addicted to me staying awake at work.

An easy way to beat a lie detector is with a baseball bat.

If you end all your emails with “thanks” they’ll eventually figure you out.

I'm glad I have social media because sometimes I feel a little too much like a real human being, and I need some anxiety to coax me back to normal.

Realty advice: rather than “haunted,” try “talkative” or “in high spirits.”

Say what you will about the Large Hadron Collider, but it keeps particle physicists off the streets.

I’m constantly asked how to build wealth—and it’s simple: have parents who consistently outperform the S&P 500.

The supply shortage is so bad this year kids won’t be getting razor blades in their candy until mid-February.

I wish Amazon would buy Facebook so I can buy my privacy back.

I’ve considered working at a new company. I’ve even considered working at my current company.

When you go to the office, you shouldn't have to leave your morals at the door. Your employer should provide a secure storage space in your cubicle.

I’ll sell my brain before I sell my phone, because it’s worth more these days.