Spelling Bee? Yeah, that's super easy, it's only three letters.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Repeat offenders are the worst.

I’m no Olympic biathlete, but it seems to me the most obvious winning strategy would be to shoot all your opponents and take the penalty laps for missing the targets.

Me: Can you tell me why I hate my sister?
Therapist: No, I’m a PHYSICAL therapist.
Me: Can you beat up my sister?

I used to do a lot of speed dating. Now I do a lot of speed alone.

Every few times I go to the dentist I give him a good bite while his fingers are in my mouth, just so he knows not to mess around in there.

Carrots are supposed to make your eyesight better but my blind neighbor still never sees them coming.

I knew I had to stop drinking when I couldn’t hold my liquor anymore without spilling while changing lanes.

I was shocked to learn my neighbor is a serial killer. He seemed like such an asshole.

Give a squirrel a nut and you feed it for a day, teach a squirrel to nut and you'll be in prison for a lifetime.

I write Star Trek: The Next Generation erotic fanfiction for a living. So, yeah, I work in Data Entry.

The Dad Joke is dead. Please welcome, the Papa Pun.

You have a variety of choices at Walmart when it comes to American singles—except the ones locked inside the trailer.

I got in trouble at work for posting pictures of my wife naked. Next time I'll at least wear sweatpants.

Things have gotten so bad that I'm now putting coffee in my coffee.

Whoever said “time heals all wounds” has never had their head impaled by a javelin.

The best jam: strawberry
The worst jam: toe

My cat hates when I bathe her and to be honest I don't enjoy it all that much either. It takes days to get all her hair out from my throat.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, and four’s just enough to get my cult off the ground.