Families, they’re struggling. Expensive these days, having kids and taking care of them. I know, I have Ivanka and Don Jr. and the other ones. It’s hard for parents out there without easy access to affordable child pageants.

Every child needs access to pageants. Affordable, too. Human rights issue, some would say, even. The thing with pageants is, the costs add up. The swimsuits, the stuff. You think you’re covered, you think you can pay, and then there’s more to pay. Lots.

It's crazy, what these pageant companies do to people. Prices too high, kids can’t get into the pageants they need. Congress must act. I’ll tell them, I will say what we all need. The children, the children are suffering. They deserve the same pageants as our nation’s richest citizens.

I know best, pageants are my life’s work. And my pageants, the greatest pageants, very expensive. Even if a kid wanted to be in but didn’t have the money, I had to say no. Had to, with the rules and the money. Businessman.

Doesn’t make me bad, makes me smart. So I know, I understand how expensive these pageants are. The children, the kids are suffering. Unacceptable, in today’s world, that children cannot get in the pageants they need. Going to change that, don’t worry. No more bankrupting families. Universal pageants.

Like Miss Universe. “Universal Miss Universe.” Sounds… It’s good. And I’ve advocated for pageants my entire life, and you know my pageants, you’ve seen Miss Universe. You remember… I peeked at contestants changing. Saw lots.

Big part of my platform, equal access to pageants for all the kids out there. My policies, they help families in need. Every day, children can’t participate in pageants because of money. Makes me sick. Close to my heart, these child pageants.

The children, people. Most important, the future. We all need to pitch in, help them get the pageants they deserve. Sacrifice. It takes a village.