Healthcare, folks. Disease, death, Obamacare, it’s all there. We see it, I hear stories, so many stories, the worst stories you can imagine, even, I’d say, possible. The people, We the People, need change. You should be happy with the AHCA because you won’t need healthcare for long. Trust me.

Don’t worry about whether your preexisting conditions will be covered or not, whether rates are going up, or whether Medicare and Medicaid are going to rendered useless, because soon all these issues will be irrelevant. CBO scores, 23 million people losing their insurance, vast majority of Americans unhappy with the bill, small potatoes.

I would know. President of the United States, so I know these things. I get the best information, “intel” we call it, short for intelligence, and I can see. Not good, folks, not pretty. Lots of bad coming. Let me tell you, no sense in paying all this money for Obamacare when the end is near. Expensive, too expensive, when we’re all going to die.

And so we’re going to repeal O’Care, because, frankly, you’ve seen it, you know it, you’re all smart people, things are bad. War. North Korea, Syria, China, even. Many people, so much, death, going to die. My decision, I would say, with my advisers, that we don’t need to pay all this money because these problems, too much.

No point, really. If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I would spend all my money. Billions. Have fun, buy things, spend it. Well, leave some for my children too. But you understand. No sense in saving. That’s what I say.

If my children are also dying tomorrow, then obviously, not going to give them money either. Everyone dying? Money has no point. Social construct, “currency” they call it. Don’t need to explain it, you understand, you get it, you… understand. “Spend like there’s no tomorrow,” many people say. And there’s probably, certainly, I would say, no tomorrow.

I know. No choice. I inherited such a mess, such a mess, and nobody talks about it. The worst mess I’ve ever seen, other than Hillary’s campaign, maybe, probably, maybe not. All the bad things happening, getting worse. And people will die. Why spend money on healthcare if you’re gonna die? Can give the rich tax cuts instead.

Happening soon, all the bad. Can’t say when, don’t know for sure, even. The intel, the intelligence, the information. It has an idea. A… guess. We know for sure soon enough, though, to not spend on doctors, surgeries, procedures, doctors, you name it. Good healthcare for long lives, long time. But bad healthcare for short lives. Makes sense, smart.

Believe me, I know. No need for healthcare anymore. Soon, just going to need to worry about the important things, water, food, the important stuff. Survival, only thing, really. Math on the AHCA not making sense, not a big enough problem. Honestly, and I would know, healthcare should be the least of your worries.