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Top 5 Alternatives to the Bridal Bouquet Toss Kerreanna DiMauro02/07/16
4 "Sociopathic" Behaviors That Actually Mean He's Into You Molly Grace02/04/16
Invite People You Don't Like to Your Super Bowl Party Sammy Sportface02/03/16
7 of the Most Stupidly Expensive, Recently Sold Items on eBay Cole F.M.01/30/16
Attention All Mysterious Creatures: Please Come Forward Lenard Welsh01/25/16
My Good-For-Nothin' Uncle Bequeathed Me a Million Dollars, You Jerks! Jon Plester01/23/16
Five Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2016 Andrei Trostel01/22/16
Is My Roommate Having a Stroke or Is She Just Becoming a Feminist? Mollie Gillespie01/17/16
Why Donald Trump's Hair Should Have You Worried Cole F.M.01/15/16
20 Practical Uses for Donald Trump's Hair Larry Ryals01/15/16
Now Boarding Flight 1786 to New York's LaGuardia Airport Marisa Jane Green01/13/16
How the Internet Ruined Hot Dogs for Everyone Anthony Greenlaw01/09/16
Please Donate to My Kickstarter So I Can Buy a Hot Tub Jon Plester01/08/16
Hitler Takes a Facebook Quiz Larry Ryals01/05/16
Even the Animals Have Turned Their Backs on You Stephanie Brown01/03/16
I Ran So Fast to My Parking Meter That I Ripped Open a Wormhole in Time Maps Levine01/01/16
My Favorite Moments of Family Holiday Chaos Lisa Woods12/30/15
Why Third World Countries Have So Much Trash David Brinn Silly12/29/15
If Star Wars 7 Had Been Produced by Sony Pictures Larry Ryals12/27/15
Surfboard Taxi: For Short Trips Across the Beach David Brinn Silly12/25/15
8 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Patriarchy in Your Life Marisa Jane Green12/24/15
A Thorough Deconstruction of the Absurdity of the Three Wise Men Story Bobby Miller12/23/15
So You've Stumbled Upon Points in Case Francis M.H12/20/15
We Wish You an Annoying Chistmas Andrei Trostel12/19/15
Christmas Card Brag Letter from the Millers Janet Eve Josselyn12/18/15
Which Member of Willliamsburg's Autoharp Ensemble "Zither and Yon" is Fucking My Wife? Jesse McLean12/16/15
The Sticky, Enduring Sexism Against Female College Professors Don Grapper12/13/15
An Open Letter to People Who Do Not Put PowerPoints into Presentation Mode Samaria Johnson12/11/15
5 Things to Show a Woman on Your First Date Glen Gair12/08/15
Revel in Pointlessness Sammy Sportface12/06/15
How to Survive as a Nice Guy Wesley Jansen12/04/15
17 Signs Walmart is Seizing Government Control and Declaring Martial Law Larry Ryals11/30/15
5 Reasons It's Fun to Be the Bad Guy Alex Miller11/29/15
My Top 10 Childhood Girl Crushes from 90's Kids Shows Kyle Bauer11/24/15
Three Easy Ways to Amass Article Rejections on Points in Case Sammy Sportface11/22/15
So You've Written a Dystopian Paranormal Young Adult Upmarket Crossover Thriller with Series Potential Marisa Jane Green11/20/15
It's 2015 and I Don't Use Twitter Bobby Campbell11/17/15
Cat Hate Metal David Brinn Silly11/15/15
How to Look for the Positive in Everything But the Test Results A.J. DiCosimo11/14/15
Letters for Hot Babes Sammy Sportface11/09/15
Ideas for Friends Season 11 Episodes Marty Braxton11/08/15
How White Couples React When a Black Man Shows Up Alex Miller11/05/15
3 Homemade Concoctions Baseball Players Can Use to Beat Steroids Tests Sammy Sportface11/02/15
Top 5 Sexiest Female Psychopaths/Sociopaths Andrei Trostel10/31/15
Top 5 Sexiest Male Psychopaths Gavin Pitt10/30/15