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How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Mike Bouley05/25/16
I Don't Want This Suck & Fuck to Start Getting Political Luke Strickler05/22/16
The National Burger Ban Bashar Salame05/22/16
Words Have No Meaning—Take This Article for Example Sammy Sportface05/21/16
How Fat Monk Syndrome Changed My Life Jillian Green D...05/18/16
In Defense of Mansplaining David Nelson05/18/16
How to Survive a Break-Up: 10 Guidelines of Emotional Support Wesley Jansen05/15/16
6 Death Penalty Methods for Capital Punishment Traditionalists David Brinn Silly05/14/16
I'm Beginning to Have Second Thoughts About Joining This Apocalyptic Death Cult John Bilancini05/12/16
Guitar Shop Man Doesn't Want You to Buy a Guitar Jes Hewitt05/09/16
7 Situations in Which Never to Use a List-Based Format Sam White05/09/16
I Already Regret Receiving This Blowjob Caleb Pyles05/06/16
German is a Lazy Language Cole F.M.05/03/16
Ending "At the End of the Day" Sammy Sportface05/03/16
I'm an Obnoxious White Hipster Who Never Really Liked Prince, Now What? Alex von Sternberg05/01/16
Five Places I've Had to Call My Mother From on Her Birthday Rale Sidebottom04/29/16
"Amazon Prime Baby" Eliminates Barriers to Parentry Tara Saba04/27/16
Living With My Boyfriend's Hulkamania Mollie Gillespie04/21/16
Make Gotham Great Again! Bashar Salame04/19/16
5 Steps to Becoming a High-Functioning Alcoholic Raffael Fiano04/19/16
Instructions for Steve Harwell's Personalized Vape Pen Liam Senior04/15/16
Dear Overlord Pence, Of Uterus-Controlling Indiana Codie Leiker04/12/16
Trump Beach Volleyball Sammy Sportface04/10/16
This Goddamn Computer is Going to Save Our Family Jon Plester04/06/16
Trump vs. America: The Boxing Match of the Century Matt Nagin04/03/16
10 Things to Say When Your Dentist Asks "How Do You Like My Fingers In Your Mouth?" Luke Strickler04/01/16
Blah vs. Bleh: Dawn of Blech Larry Ryals03/29/16
5 Shitty Truths About Doing "Storage Wars" in Real Life Cole F.M.03/22/16
10 Cloverfield Lane Wikipedia Plot Summary Review Steven Haas03/19/16
Ocean's 65 and Over David Brinn Silly03/15/16
Three Requirements for Male Bonding at Trough Urinals Nicholas Vrchoticky03/13/16
Worst Opening Lines from Bad Fiction Novels Audley Upton03/08/16
The 7 Most Annoying Types of 911 Callers Andrew Calin03/03/16
How Facebook's Dislike Button Will Lead to the Downfall of Humanity Tiffany Appleton02/29/16
The 5 Cats You'll Have to Euthanize Before You Find Mr. Right Molly Grace02/29/16
Six Stories from Working at a Southern Thrift Shop Cole F.M.02/26/16
Hey Now, You're an All Star, Get Your Helmet On, Go Fight Mick Dickinson02/22/16
7 Mixed Drinks Guaranteed to Fuck You Up Larry Ryals02/20/16
Welcome to McDoctor, May I Take Your Symptoms? David Brinn Silly02/19/16
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bird Dominic Coats02/17/16
I'm God, And When I Said I Love Everyone, I Was Talking Specifically About You, Martha Luke Strickler02/15/16
The 7 Most Important Cosplays Cole F.M.02/12/16
Why You Should Decapitate Yourself Sammy Sportface02/11/16
Maximize Your Life with the Rapid Immortality Plan! Anthony Greenlaw02/08/16
Top 5 Alternatives to the Bridal Bouquet Toss Kerreanna DiMauro02/07/16