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Batman & Robin Discuss 11 Female Superheroes Who Need Their Own Film Matthew Chard10/31/14
We Can Change the World (We Won't Though) Nathan DeGraaf10/30/14
The Great Outdoors with Jesus Christ and Friends, Episode 3 Chad Russell10/29/14
The Snippets Restrain Themselves Nathan DeGraaf10/29/14
Observations Like Kansas City Style Ebola Nathan DeGraaf10/28/14
Figuring Out the Origin of the Universe is a Waste of Time & Space Robby Rothfeld10/28/14
RE: 12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Bread Luke Strickler10/28/14
I Shop at Target for the Hot Moms Jerry Landry10/27/14
Oscar Taveras in Perspective Nathan DeGraaf10/27/14
Top 5 Sexiest Male Demons Gavin Pitt10/27/14
Necessary Changes to Ready the NFL for the Coming Socialist Revolution Geoffrey Asmus10/25/14
6 Historical Bans That Would Be Ridiculed Today T. E. Samad10/24/14
Top 5 Sexiest Female Demons/Devils Andrei Trostel10/24/14
First Date Nathan DeGraaf10/23/14
8 Ways to Survive the Ebola Crisis Luke Strickler10/23/14
Bernard Has a Mole Mark Loper10/23/14
The Snippets Cancelled a Memorial Nathan DeGraaf10/22/14
No, Really, This is Fate We've Been on the Same Subway Before Zach Buckner10/22/14
Observations Like Steamed Hipsters Nathan DeGraaf10/21/14
Movie Reviews of John and Bethany's Sex Tape Luke Strickler10/21/14
10 Things to Post on Facebook If You're a Total Dick Janet Eve Josselyn10/21/14
She Told Me Nathan DeGraaf10/20/14
A Halfords Bicycle Nightmare James McDuff10/18/14
My Introduction to YMCA Summer Camp and Adult Penises Edward F. Kennedy10/17/14
An Ode to Being Fat William Franklin10/16/14
How to Write a Comedy Article on the Internet Isaiah Churchwater10/15/14
Post-Game Press Conference for Game 1 of the Offensive Team Name Basketball Association Championship Dominic Coats10/14/14
Your Five Empowering Halloween Imperatives Charles Hartley10/14/14
Where is Kim Jong-un? He's Living in My Basement Adam Fishbein10/13/14
7 Reasons Every College Student Should Start Their Own Metal Band Larry Ryals10/11/14
The Unappreciated, Aspiring Author Files an Auto Insurance Claim Michael Jenkins10/10/14
How to Have Sex with Dolphins Jerry Landry10/10/14
5 Reasons Why a Dictator's Life is Better Than Yours Peter Kelly10/09/14
I am the Mysterious "6th Beatle" Ben Sarat10/08/14
The Secret History of ISIS Jon Lowe10/07/14
5 Reality TV Shows Repurposed for Maximum Drama Edward F. Kennedy10/07/14
The Michael Cera Bowl on FOX Dominic Coats10/06/14
Attention Teenage Terrorists: 72 Virgins are Wildly Overrated Leo Handersen10/05/14
Batman & Robin Discuss the 10 Highest-Grossing Films of the 90's Matthew Chard10/04/14
Did Jesus Open Carry? A Sermon for the 21st Century Alex Walmsley10/03/14
3 of Life's Greatest Mental Roadblocks: Racism, Astrology and Your Attitude Cole F.M.10/02/14
Does the Red Wine Industry Fund the Catholic Church? Peter Kelly10/01/14
An Open Letter to My OkCupid Stalker Kerreanna DiMauro09/30/14
Welcome to Heaven, You Now Play the Harp Luke Strickler09/29/14
The 7 Absolute Worst Spinoff TV Shows This Fall Larry Ryals09/26/14