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8 Steps to Overcoming Your Anxiety, Hopefully Wesley Jansen09/19/14
Dumbfounded Priest Officiates Soap Opera Wedding Luke Strickler09/18/14
Branding Yourself is the Key to Success in Life Adam Fishbein09/16/14
My Week with Carolyn Ben Sarat09/15/14
The Importance of Laughing Matters Luke Pohjala09/12/14
Texting Pictures of My Bulge is My Job Nick Hilbourn09/11/14
The Volcano That LSD Built Drake Ramora09/10/14
10 Simple Death Hacks You Need to Know Eric Koeppel09/09/14
6 Cover Songs That Blow the Original Away Cole F.M.09/08/14
Vlad the Cartoonist, Son of Vlad the Impaler Mark Loper09/05/14
The Biggest Mistake in Mail Order Catalog History Michael Jenkins09/03/14
How to Be a Successful Writer in 5 Difficult Steps Jodie Leidecker09/02/14
Dear Black People, Can We Get a Pass to Say the N-Word for Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N***a"? Michael Paisley09/01/14
Why You Have a Hard-On for Fantasy Football Jerry Landry08/29/14
6 Bizarre Things You Can Deep-Fry, But Probably Shouldn't T. E. Samad08/28/14
Simple Recipes to Impress the Person You Want to Bang: Amuse Bouche Cole F.M.08/27/14
Now That We've Broken Up, You Should Get Tested Luke Strickler08/25/14
How to Score Drugs in 7 Easy Steps Ryan OCarolan08/22/14
5 Reasons Why Your Parents Raised a Pussy Janet Eve Josselyn08/21/14
Excerpt from J.K. Rowling's New Adult Book, "Barry Bowler and the Waltz of Dread" Walter Bowne08/20/14
7 Things You Should Know Before You Graduate from College Wesley Jansen08/19/14
10 Less-Popular Relaxation Soundscapes Eric Koeppel08/18/14
As a Clairvoyant, I am Able to— Hey, Where're You Going? Michael Jenkins08/17/14
A Birthday Coup D'Etat: Prince George of Cambridge Turns 1 Adam Fishbein08/15/14
The Boy Who Cried Fuck Mark Loper08/14/14
The Great Outdoors with Jesus Christ and Friends, Episode 2 Chad Russell08/13/14
Goodbye Old Friend: An Open Letter to Khaki Shorts Jerry Landry08/12/14
How Anilingus Can Cure the Obesity Epidemic Drake Ramora08/11/14
You are Cordially Invited to the Anderson Monthly Neighborhood Orgy! Michael Jenkins08/08/14
A Teacher's Guide to Shooting Students Ryan OCarolan08/07/14
Batman and Robin Debate Comic Con's Top 10 Moments Matthew Chard08/06/14
A Financial Approach to Having Sex as Quickly as Possible Nick Hilbourn08/05/14
The 5 Most Notorious Sufferers of George R. R. Martin Syndrome Gregory Austin08/04/14
10 MORE Expressions That Really Piss Me Off Wesley Jansen08/01/14
The Ten Commandments of Social Media Status Updates Jerry Landry07/31/14
Steal These Tweets: America the Absurd Jeff Gassen07/30/14
Don't Blame Me, I'm Just the Manager at This Olive Garden Charlie Mihelich07/29/14
I Put the Fear of God into My Dog Mike Bellinger07/28/14
The Highs and Lows of Touring with a Moderately Successful Rock Band James McDuff07/25/14
The ONLY 6 Reasons to Not Tip Your Server Jacob Trowbridge07/24/14
I Believe This Book You Lent Me Has Spent Considerable Time in Your Bathroom Michael Jenkins07/23/14
Country Music is Immoral and Illegal Jeff Gassen07/22/14
How to Spam My Friends After You've Hacked My Email Brendan McLoughlin07/21/14
No Kids, We're Not Going to Round Table Pizza After the Game Charlie Mihelich07/18/14
The Worst Kisser on the Planet Codie Leiker07/17/14