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My Top 10 Childhood Girl Crushes from 90's Kids Shows Kyle Bauer11/24/15
Three Easy Ways to Amass Article Rejections on Points in Case Charles Hartley11/22/15
So You've Written a Dystopian Paranormal Young Adult Upmarket Crossover Thriller with Series Potential Marisa Jane Green11/20/15
It's 2015 and I Don't Use Twitter Bobby Campbell11/17/15
Cat Hate Metal David Brinn Silly11/15/15
How to Look for the Positive in Everything But the Test Results A.J. DiCosimo11/14/15
Letters for Hot Babes Charles Hartley11/09/15
Ideas for Friends Season 11 Episodes Marty Braxton11/08/15
How White Couples React When a Black Man Shows Up Alex Miller11/05/15
3 Homemade Concoctions Baseball Players Can Use to Beat Steroids Tests Charles Hartley11/02/15
Top 5 Sexiest Female Psychopaths/Sociopaths Andrei Trostel10/31/15
Top 5 Sexiest Male Psychopaths Gavin Pitt10/30/15
The Last-Minute Condom Crisis Paul Thelen10/28/15
How to Fold a Fitted Sheet: Instructions for Couples and Singles Audley Upton10/24/15
An Open Letter to Filmmakers from a Critic Alex von Sternberg10/19/15
Your Pet May Be Trying to Kill You Stephanie Brown10/18/15
If Kanye's Not Bipolar, Neither Am I Alex Miller10/12/15
The Real Cowboy Days were Horrible Tim Foley10/09/15
Executive Committee Minutes for the Hollywood Chapter of the International Jewish Conspiracy Tom Guthrie10/08/15
10 Tips for New Moms and Strippers Sheila Hageman10/03/15
How to Have Your Food and Not Pay for It Too Lucas Hubbard09/28/15
9 MORE of the Nerdiest Cocktail Recipes Cole F.M.09/27/15
My Personal Beef with Cole Hamels Thomas Beck09/24/15
My Erect Freshman Year Jason Half-Pillow09/21/15
Softees: Five Reasons Americans are About as Hard as Pudding Alex Miller09/16/15
A Nitpicky Guide for Dealing with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Wesley Jansen09/11/15
Taking the High Road Isn't Nearly as Satisfying Simonne Cullen09/07/15
Seven Reasons to Put Your Cat in the Microwave Tim Foley09/05/15
Employee Suggestion Box Entries at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Lucas Gardner09/03/15
Harry Potter is a Figment of Your Imagination Ben Sarat09/02/15
My First A**holes Anonymous Meeting Tom Guthrie08/30/15
Business Networking: The Road to Nowhere Charles Hartley08/23/15
It's Time We Educated Our Male Cats About Rape Culture Alex von Sternberg08/22/15
Adulting: You're Doing It Wrong Ashley Garmany08/17/15
The Third Cop in the Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine Lucas Gardner08/14/15
Three Studies Scientists Don't Want You to Know About Jason Half-Pillow08/13/15
Twitter Translations: College Girl Edition Kyle Bauer08/09/15
How to Completely Empathize with Road-Raged Drivers Lucas Hubbard08/07/15
The Next Generation of Curse Words Dru Oliver08/02/15
Golf is for Retards Paul Hardie08/01/15
The Absolute Douchebag's Guide to Driving Joseph R. Honescko07/31/15
Sure, Cecil the Lion was Killed, But What About My Overfed Fish? Alex von Sternberg07/30/15
Welcome to Tonight's Mayan Human Sacrifice! Tom Guthrie07/26/15
Advice for Every Age from 1 to 20 Years Old Ashley Garmany07/21/15
Why the Beach Blows Charles Hartley07/19/15