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I Put the Fear of God into My Dog Mike Bellinger07/28/14
The Highs and Lows of Touring with a Moderately Successful Rock Band James McDuff07/25/14
The ONLY 6 Reasons to Not Tip Your Server Jacob Trowbridge07/24/14
I Believe This Book You Lent Me Has Spent Considerable Time in Your Bathroom Michael Jenkins07/23/14
Country Music is Immoral and Illegal Jeff Gassen07/22/14
How to Spam My Friends After You've Hacked My Email Brendan McLoughlin07/21/14
No Kids, We're Not Going to Round Table Pizza After the Game Charlie Mihelich07/18/14
The Worst Kisser on the Planet Codie Leiker07/17/14
10 Spooky Two-Sentence Stories Jeff Gassen07/16/14
The World Cup: An Underground Sporting Event Every American Should Know About Nick Hilbourn07/15/14
Man Fiction: Books About Shooting People in the Face Mike Lamb07/14/14
How NOT to Buy a Lottery Ticket at a Convenience Store Ryan OCarolan07/11/14
6 Shitty Jobs You Really Did in the Navy Alex Deniz07/08/14
7 Reasons Why Babies are the Worst (From a Mom) Codie Leiker07/04/14
That's Why Darling, It's Inevitable Charlie Mihelich06/30/14
6 Beers in Your Fridge That Prove You're Severely Depressed Jacob Trowbridge06/27/14
The Great Outdoors with Jesus Christ and Friends Chad Russell06/22/14
Anatomy of Men's Health Magazine Matt Greenberg06/16/14
Dear NASA, Get Me Off the Moon Now Please Ryan OCarolan06/12/14
The Kindly Strip Club First-Timer Brendan McLoughlin06/09/14
BuzzFeed's Nostalgic Look Back at the 2010's, Twenty Years from Now Jerry Landry06/06/14
The Fart Collector: How to Turn Shame into Profit Nick Hilbourn06/03/14
The 18-Year-Old Virgin David Ayala05/29/14
How Sexist are You? The Misogyny Test James McDuff05/26/14
10 Literary Rejection Letters to Famous Dead Authors Matt Nagin05/23/14
The Day I Turned Your Mom Upside Down Mike Bellinger05/19/14
Modern Austen IV: Laying the Foundation for Online Courtship Maggie Blaha05/15/14
Dear Vanessa, The Salmon Stole Your Lover Chad Russell05/11/14
A Tourist's Guide to the Afterlife Nick Hilbourn05/07/14
Buzzfeed Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Myself Alena Dillon05/04/14
In Defense of Sorority Slang Matt Nagin04/30/14
I'm Still Inside This Ecuadorian Prison Julian Asange04/27/14
Photographer Seeks Feline Subjects for Sexy Shoot Jamie Feldman04/24/14
An Asexual Guy Answers All Your Asexual Questions Cole F.M.04/21/14
An Alpha Male's Guide to Being a Man James McDuff04/18/14
7 Secrets for Passing a Teaching Interview Wesley Jansen04/15/14
Douche Ukrainian Guy at the Bar Casey Freeman04/12/14
Black Men Can't Swim Eugene Slaven04/09/14
It's Your World, Fat People Nathan DeGraaf04/06/14
Blind People Be Trippin', Ya'll Jeremy Gendelman04/04/14
Hell's Playlist: 23 Classic Hits Ruined by Repetition, Part 2 TK Field04/01/14
Hell's Playlist: 23 Classic Hits Ruined by Repetition TK Field03/29/14
Stop Butchering the English Language Quinlan Braiwick03/25/14
The 4 Most Likely Theories Explaining the Missing Malaysia Flight 370 Jeff Gassen03/21/14
I Don't Go Home with a Girl I Can't Bench Press Casey Freeman03/18/14