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The Genius of Ryan Lochte Tim Gregg08/28/16
Richard Peter Johnson is America's New Favorite Dick David Brinn Silly08/23/16
Five Made-Up Indie Bands You'll Never Hear This Year Mark Hutchins08/20/16
How to Tell the Discussion in Your Women's Studies Class is Going Nowhere Daryl Blankert08/13/16
6 Things I Can Do That Michael Phelps Can't Stacy Ryan08/13/16
6 Ways He Pees She Doesn't Understand Nicholas Vrchoticky08/07/16
The 2016 Rio Olympics, As Conceptualized by the Writers of HBO's "Ballers" Jeremy Lu08/05/16
Seven On-Screen Friends Who Hated Each Other in Real Life Clayton Moore08/05/16
Office Fart Attacks: 7 Gas-Powered Aggressions to Win at Work Nick East08/03/16
A Very Professional Wine Critique Emily Rice07/31/16
Useless Yard Sale: You're Invited Sammy Sportface07/29/16
When I Started This Business, I Never Imagined Working for Myself Glen Gair07/26/16
The First Draft of Melania Trump's Convention Speech Madeleine Aggeler07/19/16
How to Not Fall Asleep Quickly: A 12-Step Guide for Single Women Susan M. Gelles07/19/16
Thank You for Considering Having Sex with Me Donald N.S. Unger07/18/16
Forgetting Your Password: The Five Stages of Grief Ashley Ingle07/13/16
The Olympic Sport That Transcends the World Sammy Sportface07/07/16
Deep Down in the Content Mines Dan Mox07/06/16
Just Because My Name is Robert Poopinmyunderwear Does Not Mean You Can Call Me "Bob" Luke Strickler07/05/16
Parrots are Assholes Johann Martinez07/01/16
Sleep Apnea: The Art of Choking on Your Own Throat William Johnson07/01/16
I Am Your Father's Man Cave Derek Andersen06/27/16
I Tested How Realistic Clue is by Killing Six People in a Mansion Cameron Bradford06/23/16
The 8 Weirdest Things for Sale on Goodwill Online Cole F.M.06/18/16
I Lost a Silver Bullet in My Butt Barbara Blue Johnson06/11/16
You're Never Too Old for Drive-Thru Road Rage Daniel Ryan Oliver06/07/16
Did You Not Wash Your Hands After Pooping on the Boss' Desk? Luke Strickler06/07/16
Lovers Divided (The Unhappy Accident) Mark Loper06/02/16
Exactly How "Sincerely" Did You Mean in Your Email? Sam White05/29/16
11 FAQ's Before Applying to Be on "The Bachelor" Tiffany Appleton05/27/16
How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Mike Bouley05/25/16
I Don't Want This Suck & Fuck to Start Getting Political Luke Strickler05/22/16
The National Burger Ban Bashar Salame05/22/16
Words Have No Meaning—Take This Article for Example Sammy Sportface05/21/16
How Fat Monk Syndrome Changed My Life Jillian Green D...05/18/16
In Defense of Mansplaining David Nelson05/18/16
How to Survive a Break-Up: 10 Guidelines of Emotional Support Wesley Jansen05/15/16
6 Death Penalty Methods for Capital Punishment Traditionalists David Brinn Silly05/14/16
I'm Beginning to Have Second Thoughts About Joining This Apocalyptic Death Cult John Bilancini05/12/16
Guitar Shop Man Doesn't Want You to Buy a Guitar Jes Hewitt05/09/16
7 Situations in Which Never to Use a List-Based Format Sam White05/09/16
I Already Regret Receiving This Blowjob Caleb Pyles05/06/16
German is a Lazy Language Cole F.M.05/03/16
Ending "At the End of the Day" Sammy Sportface05/03/16
I'm an Obnoxious White Hipster Who Never Really Liked Prince, Now What? Alex von Sternberg05/01/16