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The Tragedy of the Three Bruces David Kramer12/18/14
A Modern Report on Old People Nicholas Hopping12/17/14
The Requisite Horror of De-Balling My Dog David Aboulafia12/15/14
So Your Daughter's Dating a Muslim Lesbian Dominic Coats12/13/14
How Christmas Provoked My Dad's First F Word in Front of Us Dru Oliver12/12/14
The Myth of the Millennialosers Janet Eve Josselyn12/10/14
Role-Play for Normal People with Boring Jobs Luke Strickler12/09/14
12 Passive-Aggressive Methods to Show Roommates You Disagree With Their Life Decisions Geoffrey Asmus12/08/14
Three Tips for Maximizing Your Twitter Experience Charles Hartley12/07/14
Your Cat Hates You, Guaranteed Jerry Landry12/05/14
5 Solid Facts That Prove the World is Actually Getting Better Cole F.M.12/04/14
Court's a Stupid Name Anyway Mike Bellinger12/03/14
ATTENTION: This is an Important Medical Drug Alert Luke Strickler12/03/14
Welcome to the Fleshlight Family! Michael Jenkins12/01/14
The 5 Most Hated Things in Britain William Franklin11/29/14
The Three Pillars of Colonoscopy Etiquette Robby Rothfeld11/27/14
A Mad Libs Breakup Letter Kerreanna DiMauro11/26/14
Your 3-Step Recipe for Ruining Thanksgiving Charles Hartley11/25/14
How to Seduce Flo from Progressive Insurance, In Your Imagination Michael Jenkins11/24/14
13 No Shit Tips for Nailing a Job Interview Candice Lee Jones11/21/14
Planet Earth: No Vacancy Steve Lewis11/20/14
5 Thanksgiving Traditions You Can't Avoid Taylor Sade11/20/14
Generic Guy's Guide to Picking Profile Pics Luke Strickler11/19/14
I Was Good in Bed, Right? Jerry Landry11/18/14
Listen Up, Period C Lunch: I AM A TWITTER GOD! Geoffrey Asmus11/18/14
10 Ways to Get Girls to Like You Janet Eve Josselyn11/17/14
Cool, You Dyed Your Hair Tim Michaels11/15/14
Three Ways to Make Millions Writing Blogs Charles Hartley11/14/14
6 Surprising Perks of Backpacking Around the World Eve Ellenbogen11/14/14
Brutally Honest Marketing Copy for 13 Companies You Love to Hate Matt Nagin11/13/14
5 Insanely Simple Steps to Crafting a Thought Catalog Article Chris Blexrud11/12/14
Owl Facts Bilal Ahmed Qureshi11/11/14
12 Veterans Who Never Got the Credit They Deserved Randy S. Robbins11/11/14
The Emotional Obstacle Course Luke Strickler11/10/14
US Government Survey: Why Did You Vote? Geoffrey Asmus11/10/14
Last Ditch Ways to Talk Yourself Out of Being Arrested Tim Michaels11/07/14
I Look for the Horse Sex Sagar Jay Patel11/06/14
25 Words & Expressions With Completely New Meanings Kerreanna DiMauro11/05/14
The 6 Types of "Talks" Dominic Coats11/04/14
A Homeschooled Guy Answers All Your Homeschool Questions Cole F.M.11/03/14
It's Monday, And I Want to Fire a Harpoon Gun at Anyone Who's Chipper Jerry Landry11/03/14
7 MORE Keys for Successful Living Wesley Jansen11/02/14
Batman & Robin Discuss 11 Female Superheroes Who Need Their Own Film Matthew Chard10/31/14
We Can Change the World (We Won't Though) Nathan DeGraaf10/30/14
The Great Outdoors with Jesus Christ and Friends, Episode 3 Chad Russell10/29/14