Points in Case (PIC) is an online comedy publication featuring daily enlightening and irreverent comedy articles. PIC began in 1999 as a college humor column posted in the dorm bathrooms of Emory University, and grew to showcase a wide range of comedy from contributors everywhere. We’re here to make you laugh; if that also means rubbing you the right way, the wrong way, and a new way, our apologies, we thought you were a genie. You’ll find that we are mostly comedic, somewhat sophomoric, and always curiously insightful or inexplicably delightful.

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Court Sullivan – Founder/Editor
Court tries to make sure you always have a reason to laugh on PIC. If there’s text on the site, he probably edited it. If there’s an image on the site, he doesn’t know where it came from. If there are mice on the site, please call your local exterminator.

Mike Faerber – Assistant Editor
Mikey lives and breathes comedy… into PIC. Jokes often seep from his pores unconsciously, spill onto the keyboard, and grace us with their complex presence. You may not even know it, but you are being infused with Mikey right now.

Cole F.M. – Reviewer
Codie Leiker – Reviewer
Paul Frank – Reviewer
Michael Jenkins – Reviewer
Chad Russell – Reviewer

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Assorted PIC Tidbits

Points in Case was so named because the phrase “case in point” seems like it should be reversed for proper meaning, and because of the observational tone of the original Points in Case column (i.e. here are some points to consider in case this happens to you).

In 2010, for PIC’s 10th anniversary, staff writers throughout the years awarded each other ridiculous superlatives and wrote tribute articles.

In 2008, Nathan DeGraaf published “The Snippets and the Impure Tour“, the first book by a PIC writer, based on his popular “Snippets” feature.

In 2005, PIC held a 5th Anniversary Prohibition Party in Atlanta.

In 2005, PIC’s response to the internet fad Chuck Norris Facts, “Anti-Chuck Norris Facts,” really riled people up.

From 2003-2006, “courtjester5000” duped millions of AIM users into thinking they were chatting with an automated messaging bot.

In 2003, Court Sullivan and Amir Blumenfeld (of Jake and Amir) were voted 3rd best IMers in America during Yahoo’s “IM Live Contest.”