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Points in Case is an online comedy publication featuring enlightening and irreverent humor geared toward college students and post-grads.

Our Story

Points in Case began in September 1999 as a college humor column posted in the dorm bathrooms of Emory University. From there, it became an email column sent out monthly and passed around the nation during the fervent forwarding days of the late 90's. In December 2000, the issues of the original Points in Case column were posted online, along with the dumb-funniest quotes submitted by college students everywhere. In May 2003, the first five columnists began writing for the site.

Today, Points in Case showcases a wide range of super-talented comedy writers who pen all manner of humor, including guides and lists, funny stories, satire and parodies, college and observational humor, and personal essays to over half a million readers a month. Enthusiastic commenters and contributors like you make things even more fun.

Our number one goal is to make you laugh. If that also means curing your boredom, helping you procrastinate, or spurring your imagination, then so be it. You'll find that we are mostly comedic, somewhat sophomoric, often sarcastic, and always curiously insightful or inexplicably delightful. We hope to have you around for many articles to come!

Court Sullivan
Founder and Editor

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