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How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

One has many obstacles to surmount when constructing the proper peanut butter (PB) and jelly (J) sandwich.  The entire process is fraught with peril and risk to one's own safety and emotional well-being. As a result, this guide has been produced to assist the intrepid sandwich artist as he or she approaches this daunting task. Read More »

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I Don't Want This Suck & Fuck to Start Getting Political

When I first started the Orange County Suck & Fuck seventeen years ago in the back of my Jeep Grand Cherokee, I wasn't thinking about the politics. My focus is, and always has been, on the quality of the Sucking and Fucking presented. Read More »

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The National Burger Ban

"I'll give you my cheeseburger, when you pry it from my cold [due to poor circulation] dead [likely from a heart attack] hands!" Read More »

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Words Have No Meaning—Take This Article for Example

Words have no meaning.

Take these, for example.

By reading them you've gained nothing.

You want value from words. You want to be enriched. You don't want people wasting your time. If this goes on for one more paragraph, you will stop reading. Read More »

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How Fat Monk Syndrome Changed My Life

I read an article the other day. No, I listened to an interview on the radio the other day. It was about a new study being done to understand why a certain sect of monks in Thailand, or maybe it was Taiwan—I don't think it was Tibet—are suffering from obesity at an alarming rate. Read More »

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In Defense of Mansplaining

In recent weeks, I've heard the term "mansplaining" used quite frequently, aggravating me to no end. What can one do when legitimately tasked with explaining an abstract concept to a woman of demonstrably inferior intelligence? Read More »

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How to Survive a Break-Up: 10 Guidelines of Emotional Support

Breaking up with someone can be extremely painful—I should know, I watched it happen on TV once. When two people fall in love, they build their lives, hopes, and dreams around one another. Read More »

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6 Death Penalty Methods for Capital Punishment Traditionalists

They discontinued the electric chair in Florida because they said it wasn't safe. It was called "Old Sparky" a cute cuddly Dalmatian of a name. They said it was cruel and unusual punishment because when they strapped someone to it, the head caught fire. Sounds like it was doing the job to me. Read More »

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I'm Beginning to Have Second Thoughts About Joining This Apocalyptic Death Cult

It seemed like a great idea at first: lots of single women, free booze, a chance to feel like I'm a part of something, only a little light sacrifice, but now I'm thinking that the Immortal Sons and Daughters of the Malevolent Uhthuru might not be the place for me. Read More »

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Guitar Shop Man Doesn't Want You to Buy a Guitar

When was the last time you went to buy a new car and came back convinced that not only do you not deserve one, but that you can't actually drive? Never, I'm guessing. Because dealerships don't tend to hire wannabe Schumachers to take you for a dozen circuits of the carpark to demonstrate the how well the suspension and braking systems works at 120mph. Read More »

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7 Situations in Which Never to Use a List-Based Format

There are three industries in which the internet crushes all opposition like a bulldozer on a kitten, and they are: Read More »

  1. Oh, yeah, kittens...
  2. Porn
  3. What have I just made..? Yes, a list(s)!
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Looking for a New Career? Consider Driving a Truck

Have you ever considered becoming a truck driver? Read More »

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I Already Regret Receiving This Blowjob

I sit there uncomfortably as she unzips me. Eager is good. I like eager. But not when the woman reminds you of a salivating dog waiting for Pavlov's bell. Yes, I understand my desire for pleasure is a raging river overpowering my entire body at this moment, but she just spit on my dick. What kind of animal spits on a man's dick?  Read More »

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German is a Lazy Language

German is probably the least sexy sounding language a human can speak without drilling themselves an extra asshole to pronounce new sounds. Or at least that's what a lot of people say. In actuality when actual Germans speak it (and not just your totally "hilarious" friend Todd doing impressions) it sounds pretty much just like any other language. Read More »

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Ending "At the End of the Day"

"At the end of the day" is, at the end of the day, one of those phrases like "it is what it is" that we need to eradicate from our daily lives. Read More »

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I'm an Obnoxious White Hipster Who Never Really Liked Prince, Now What?

Folks, I have a serious problem. And it's in conjunction with the awful tragedy that is the death of the one, the only Prince Rogers Nelson, musician and celebrity personality extraordinaire. Everyone loved his music and frankly, loved the man himself. He was a musical titan among musical gods, many might say. Read More »

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Five Places I've Had to Call My Mother From on Her Birthday

1. Pay Phone Next to Rural Ditch - Edinburgh, Scotland

Slept in ditch the night before after being jumped and beaten for my backpack. I kept it, along with the required black eye and bruises that accompany saving things. Read More »

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"Amazon Prime Baby" Eliminates Barriers to Parentry

What a great idea! Can anyone buy an Amazon Prime Baby?  Read More »

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Living With My Boyfriend's Hulkamania

On the surface, it would probably seem that my boyfriend Jack and I have the perfect relationship. I instagram cute pictures of him on Man Crush Monday, he posts pictures of me on Woman Crush Wednesday, and once we even shared a single chocolate milkshake with two straws. Read More »

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Make Gotham Great Again!

Fear and suspicion of undocumented immigrants has led to a showdown of sorts. The issue is a polarizing one, with some showing compassion and welcoming the alien merely seeking refuge from hostilities aboard. Others, however, see this as a threat to employment, welfare, security and overall stability of the homeland. Read More »