Q: What is the leading cause of divorce in a forest?
A: Adul-tree

Q: Why did the lizard’s wife leave him?
A: He had e-reptile dysfunction

Q: Why did the pasta have to stay 40 feet away from his ex?
A: They got a re-straining order!

Q: What do you call it when you marry your best friend?
A: A bleak farce

Q: What do legs have to pay their spouse when they separate?
A: Alimo-knee

Q: Where do basketballs file for divorce?
A: In court!

Q: Why was the boat in debt?
A: Child sup-port

Q: Why did Karen cross the street?
A: To sleep with her boss

Q: What did the dog say when their partner took everything?
A: I should have signed a pre-pup

Q: Why did the corpse’s marriage end?
A: Irreconcilable stiff-erences

Q: How did the window cope when he lost custody of his kids?
A: He became addicted to pane-killers

Q: Karen please come home
A: I miss you so much