1. “Vacation’s when you go somewhere and you never come back.”

2. “I haven't seen anybody yet didn't die.”

3. “What’s normal anyways?”

4. “There's no way you can fly a plane without a pilot.”

5. “Oh, now, don't you be afraid, sweetheart. Death is just a part of life. It's something we're all destined to do.”

6. “How very much I've tried my best to give you a good life.”

7. “A person's a fool who continues to say that they're winning when you're losing.”

8. “Hurry up and get it before the flies do.”

9. “I'm gonna lay down my burden down by the riverside.”

10. “Did you hear what I said? You’re the same as everybody else. You are no different.”

11. “Well, you go ahead and start.”

12. “Death isn’t a fearful thing. It’s living that’s cursed.”

13. “He's no different to me than any of these children here.”


1. Sally Field
2. Jim Jones
3. Sally Field
4. Jim Jones
5. Sally Field
6. Jim Jones
7. Jim Jones
8. Sally Field
9. Jim Jones
10. Sally Field
11. Sally Field
12. Jim Jones
13. Jim Jones