In a recent Tweet, former Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly stated, “Kushner looks like a high school senior. Hard to believe he’s fixing elections with Putin.”

Here are other things O’Reilly has said that Kushner looks too young for:

Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics Stickers

When Tipper Gore founded the PMRC, Jared Kushner was exactly the type of person she was protecting. There’s just no way this walking pocket protector is ready to hear some of the words on these albums.


Don’t get me wrong, it’d look cute. But “cute” in the same way that a monkey in a cowboy hat is cute. You see it and you go, “Hey! What a silly and funny thing!”

Hard Liquor

With his slight frame, one can only assume how much of a lightweight he’d be. I just won’t stand to see the poor boy get sick on Uncle Bill’s prized bourbon collection. Maybe he’s ready for a sip of my beer.

A Gym Membership

He can come to the gym if he’s supervised by an adult, but other than that, I don’t think it’d be a good idea for him. All that big, heavy machinery can make it a scary place for a fella like Jared.

Being Tried as an Adult

Everybody makes mistakes growing up. But this guy is just not ready to appear before a committee of his peers, unless that committee is specifically used to try minors. What if the big-boy court finds our treasonous cherub guilty?


Lil JJ would not survive in an environment where people trade cigarettes for soap. Heck, Jared himself would probably get traded for a pack of smokes.


Yes, we watched Jurassic Park last week. But there were some scenes that made Lil Kush scared for his life. Not “being tried for treason” scared, but more “oopsy, Jared had an accident” scared. He is NOT ready for that underwater dead body jump-scare.