Donald Trump has been facing a lot of criticism lately. Every day, someone new says something super mean like: “Donald Trump is two-faced” or “Donald Trump is a crook” or “Donald Trump is a one-man propaganda machine who spent decades manipulating mainstream media to inaccurately portray himself as a successful businessman, and this terrifyingly self-aware manipulation propelled him into the world’s highest office.”

Now, I don’t know if any of those crazy statements are true or not… all I know is that Donald Trump’s cameo in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York will always be one of the funniest freakin’ cameos I've seen in my entire life!

Seriously, it’s a three-second cameo, but literally every second is gut-bustingly laugh-larious. It’s that funny.

Why is someone as apparently successful as Donald Trump even talking to a lovable scamp like Kevin McCallister?

Let me set it up for you: After Kevin McCallister accidentally gets lost in New York City, he visits Manhattan’s world-famous Plaza Hotel. And while he’s in this super fancy hotel, he asks this “random guy” where the lobby is. But then, the guy turns around and get this… it’s Donald. Freakin’. Trump. Like, whaaaat?? What is Donald Trump even doing in Home Alone 2? It’s like the Trumpster is personally saying, “I’m one of New York’s wealthiest businessmen, but I can still appear in mainstream Hollywood movies like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. I’m successful and I’m accessible!”

Already, that is so freakin' funny.

And that’s just the first second of Donald Trump’s three-second cameo. So, if you thought that that last moment was pants-peeingly priceless, you are not going to believe what comes next! Because, get this… Donald Trump actually answers Kevin’s question!

That’s right, when Kevin asks where the lobby is, The Donald immediately turns and says “down the hall and to the left.” The Trumpster doesn’t miss a freakin’ beat! Seriously, step aside Fran Drescher, because there’s a new comedian here to claim the crown as the “world’s funniest New Yorker.” And his name is Donald “Laughmaker” Trump.

Moreover, this classic Trump zinger is doubly funny because of course Donald Trump knew where the lobby was! When Home Alone 2 came out in 1992, Trump owned the Plaza Hotel! He even took out a full-page open letter in The New York Times, not to market the hotel, but to explicitly inform the world that, in his words, “I have purchased a masterpiece.” (That way everybody would know how good at business he was!) Obviously, in today’s Trump-hating era, all these elitist naysayers are saying super mean things like, “Mere days after Home Alone 2 was released, nearly half of the Plaza Hotel was sold off as part of a prepackaged bankruptcy to the hotel’s creditors after it had amassed over $550 million in debt.”

But that’s not the story Home Alone 2 tells… it just tells the story of a successful (and hilarious) hotel owner being helpful as hell!

Finally, as a perfect capstone to the world’s funniest cameo, after Kevin says “thanks,” Donald Trump turns around again, cocks his eyebrow, and get this… he looks confused as Kevin walks away!!! WHAAAAT??? Why is someone as apparently successful as Donald Trump even talking to a lovable scamp like Kevin McCallister? Why is someone as apparently successful as Donald Trump even appearing in classic Christmas movie that would be seen by millions upon millions of people across the nation?

The scene just works on so many levels.

At the end of the day, Donald Trump’s three-second scene in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is truly inspiring. It’s short and sweet. It’s bland and inoffensive. And, above all, it takes place in a Home Alone movie, which is basically one of the most iconic “American” films ever. That’s why, whenever someone says something clearly fake and mean like “Donald Trump is a polemical demagogue who manipulates media with ease; he will corrupt Democracy in ways heretofore unimagined,” I just have to roll my eyes and smirk. How can someone who acted in such a mainstream, family-friendly, and legitimately funny cameo… how can he be dangerous?

Seriously, say what you will about Donald Trump. The man knows how to be on TV.