Step One: It is very important to find time in your day for peaceful meditation. It can recharge energy, provide a break from the constant stress and anxiety, and heal your spirit in a fantastic way. An amazing opportunity to find that quiet time, and an important time for a good spiritual healing, is as you sink to the ground clutching a fatal stab wound.

Step Two: Finding your focus is crucial to really losing yourself in a good meditation. Try to ignore the blaring sounds of traffic, the bustling commotion of humanity, and the knife re-entering your torso a few more times for good measure. Picture a quiet hospital where you have can peacefully float after being stitched up, or a serene field not covered in your own blood, or the vast ocean floor where the sharks are not attracted to the scent of you dying. Really make an effort to center yourself and ignore the pain of death.

Step Three: Make a true effort to disconnect from your physical form and exist only in the astral world. Separating into just your astral form can be a very freeing experience and can really help you focus on your soul. The astral form is an extension of your purest form, an opening into the existential existence of the cosmos, and, most importantly, your astral form is not dying of multiple stab wounds. Your astral form exists away from your physical form and is the center of your soul. Concentrating on this form can help heal emotional wounds and connect with the heartbeat of the universe. Your astral form also may be able to notify a nearby medical professional about the dire circumstances surrounding your physical form in that dark alleyway a few streets over.

Step Four: Transcending reality is the next step in a successful meditation, and it is completely different from achieving seclusion within your astral form despite the fact that we do not have the time or room to explain how they are different. Transcending reality can help one truly understand the triviality of stress, anxiety, and mortal, life-threatening wounds. Reality is just the lens through which we experience the world and letting go of that plays a critical role in freeing one’s mind. Do you really need to worry about next month’s rent? Do you absolutely have to have the report done for your meeting tomorrow? Is it completely crucial to keep pressure on your wounds? Or are these just things that only matter in the fraction of a second that is your life. None of these things matter in the long run and therefore you can let them go and float on peacefully until, at least until there is more of your blood outside of you than there is inside of you.

Step Five: Repeat and reap the benefits. Frequent meditation is key to a healthy lifestyle. Some are even able to achieve the tranquil mindfulness several times a day. So, don’t just do it as you lay bleeding in the alleyway, but also do it while you lay bleeding in the ambulance, and again while the doctor fails to stabilize you and announces you deceased from your wounds. Meditation helps you ignore the nagging inadequacies and major stabbings of your life and focus just on your core, your soul, and your own peace. So, have some self-awareness and lose the awareness of your failing internal organs, and have a good life experience, friend.