• Contains blood, gore, jump scares, high-pitched screeching instead of a real soundtrack, and gross chewing noises.
  • Contains religious themes, alcohol use, regret, torture, violence, Mel Gibson, and smoking.
  • Contains inaccurate depictions of the 1870s, incessant popcorn gunshots, racist and sexist everything, alcohol use, and smoking.
  • Contains a small child who seems kind of naughty but really just needs someone to love him, a punch in the nose, sports, dad jokes, bare bottoms, and a washed-up actor in the lead role.
  • Contains mostly a stoic man hanging from rafters while being punched in the guts, blood and gore, and empty threats that turn out to be true.
  • Contains pale women wearing period undergarments they can’t really breathe in.
  • Contains strip joints, lap dances, a guy uncomfortable with lap dances who just wants to find out what happened to his friend the missing cop, sex, violence, smoking, drug and alcohol use, and a jaded movie star in the lead role.
  • Contains gory depictions of childbirth, violence, betrayal, incest, fire-breathing dragons, explosions, rape, fire, incest, fire, death in childbirth, explosions, rape, and incest. And fire. And incest. And rape. And rape-y incest.
  • Contains people speaking some Slavic language badly dubbed in English by terrible actors, drug use, nudity, very little lighting, an incomprehensible plot, excessive smoking, and greasy hair.
  • Contains an elderly actor who totally gives you the creeps because you thought he died a long time ago.
  • Contains fight scenes so fast and jumbled you don’t know who to root for.
  • Contains four grand dames of British cinema drinking tea, secret smoking, genteel poverty, and cats looking out windows at birds.
  • Contains failed musicians, athletes, or actors on the comeback trail, humiliation, bruises, blood, alcohol, drug use, 12-step programs, and cheesy hit songs.
  • Contains people so beautiful you wonder if they are a different species, nudity, nudity, nudity, nudity, sexual situations, and nudity.
  • Contains a plot so hackneyed you can’t dredge up an iota of interest in it but you watch it anyway because you just smoked some really good weed and all you need is music and pretty scenery.