Part 1: Multiple Choice

1. Who teaches wives to cheat, according to Emilia? (from Act 4, Scene 3)

a. The mistresses
b. The husbands
c. The world
d. Donna's crazy mother!

2. How does Iago describe jealousy?

a. “The green-eyed monster”
b. “Downfall of many men”
c. “The scourge of the weak-minded”
d. “Our neighbor Brad's stupid, big muscles”

3. How is the Turkish fleet thwarted?

a. In battle with Othello’s fleet
b. By a storm
c. Mutiny
d. When all their girlfriends and wives shatter their pathetic hearts and souls into tiny little pieces, leaving them hopelessly despairing, so they all die at sea because what's the point of it all

4. What does Othello Prof. Jefferies ask his wife Desdemona Donna when she awakens to him standing beside their bed, which they bought together the day after their wedding because they both like medium-firm mattresses? (from Act 5, Scene 2)

a. If she has any sins to confess
b. If she still loves him.
c. If she has been unfaithful to him with their neighbor B-R-A-D!
d. If she is feeling alright AFTER DESTROYING THEIR MARRIAGE!

5. Desdemona's Donna's Father is:

a. Lodovico
b. Brabantio
c. Gratiano
d. A possessive, overbearing, emotionally repressed meat head who's tainted her ability to ever have a healthy relationship with men

6. What is “the beast with two backs”?

a. The devil
b. Othello
c. Two people having sex, like Donna and our cheating asshole neighbor BRAD! FUCK YOU BRAD!
d. Donna's obviously undiagnosed bipolar disorder
e. Both c and d

Part 2: Short Answer

Please answer in full sentences.

1. Why didn't Iago Prof. Jefferies's best friend tell Othello him right away that Desdemona Donna and Cassio Brad were having an affair?

2. Othello Prof. Jefferies is often called a tragic hero by his friends, family, therapist, and most people who know him. Discuss his heroic qualities as well as his flaws which lead to the demise of his marriage and this lonely misery that he lives with every day.

3. Discuss Othello's Prof. Jefferies's relationship with Desdemona his ex-wife. Does he still truly love her?

Part 3: Essay Questions

Please choose ONLY ONE of the following essay topics:

1. Write a comparative essay examining the differences between Brad and Prof. Jefferies, making sure to expand on what reasons Donna has in choosing Brad over Prof. Jefferies, what Brad's character possesses that is so great, and how this highlights some of the symbols of racism present in Othello.

2. Write an argumentative essay to Donna explaining how sorry Prof. Jefferies is for not being more supportive as a husband, never listening when she needed him, and neglecting her emotionally. Present a clear, persuasive argument in favor of getting back together and working things out, using relevant themes, symbols, and motifs in Othello to support your argument.

3. In Othello, Shakespeare examines the relationship between language and occurrence. In the play, words have the power to create action; to merely speak of something can turn it into reality. With this idea in mind, analyze the language used in the play and present suggestions of what kinds of words Prof. Jefferies can use to make getting Donna back a reality.

Note: Bonus marks will be awarded for egging Brad's house and his dumb Maserati, then clearly explaining how these actions relate to Othello, Act 1 Scene 1.