1. This is too long.

2. Why did you wait so long to reveal this?

3. I can't wait to see where this goes…

4. Are you sure you want to put that there? Might we consider sticking that elsewhere?

5. I got a little lost here.

6. It feels like you're circling around something here… without really nailing it…

7. Wow. This surprised me.

8. Nice interiority.

9. I feel like you're not fully inhabiting the space here.

10. Have you thought about moving this up?

11. This part could go slower.

12. This part could go faster.

13. This does absolutely nothing for me.

14. Wow. This also surprised me.

15. Deft. Elegantly done. Nice.

16. Really nice.

17. Fuck me, this is good!


19. Wow. Thanks for sharing this with me.

20. Wait, it's not over yet?

21. Things got a little messy at the end.