INFJ and ESTP are now boring personality test results of the past! Take this simple quiz to find out if you’re a complete Myers or more of a total Briggs!

Are you comfortable being the center of attention?

  1. Yes, I am comfortable with the attention that comes from being the lead name on a project.
  2. I guess I am more comfortable letting someone else be the center of attention even though it would make a lot more sense just to put the names of the test creators alphabetically, wouldn’t it? Briggs-Myers Personality Test would have been fine.

You arrive at a restaurant and are told there is a wait. Do you:

  1. Give the host the name “Myers” and patiently wait with everyone else.
  2. Announce to the host that you’re “Briggs… you know, the Briggs from the personality test?!?” And insinuate that special arrangements should be made.

Do you prefer working as part of a team, or by yourself?

  1. Part of a team. Two heads are better than one and it doesn’t matter who gets credit so long as the team succeeds.
  2. Alone. Sometimes, when you work with a partner, you come up with great ideas like using an “N” to abbreviate “Intuition” since the “I” was already taken, but you get no credit.

Do you prefer to go out or stay in?

  1. Go out.
  2. Stay in (and post on message boards about how really, it should be called the Briggs Personality Test, because Myers wanted to abbreviate both “Introverted” and “Intuition” with the letter “I”).

When working on a project do you:

  1. Prefer to have a schedule.
  2. Allow flexibility within your workday so you have time to do things like wrap yourself in toilet paper and go, “Myers, I guess I must be Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving because I-N-TP!”

Do you value logic or emotion?

  1. Logic
  2. She really said “logic?” She thinks she’s the logical one? The same Myers that freaked out on me for simply pointing out that cereal is soup because milk is essentially just broth when you really think about it. It’s literally just water that got its flavor and consistency from cow meat?

What do you value in a friend?

  1. Someone with whom you can just have a regular, normal conversation that doesn’t pick fights about cereal and soup.
  2. Someone who is open-minded and unafraid to discuss challenging ideas (especially regarding cereal and soup).

Does sharing credit for work appeal to you?

  1. Not anymore.
  2. Also No.

If someone tells you they are an “INFJ” are you more likely to respond by saying:

  1. “You know I’m Myers, the real brains behind the Myers-Briggs Test.”
  2. “You know I’m Briggs, the real brains behind the Myers-Briggs Test. Let me tell you a little story about how you were almost an IIFJ until some local hero changed that second I to an N.”


  • If you had more A's, you're a complete Myers.
  • If you had more B's, you’re a total Briggs.