September 5 (Launch Day) – HOLA Hazelnut! CIAO Caramel. It is I, the Pumpkin Spice Latte! Surprised to see me so soon? I wouldn’t be. Who can resist my steaming hot blend of cinnamon and nutmeg? Drink up my coziness in all its glory!

September 7 – Love me! Drink me! Cuddle up with me on your lunch break! The promised land of fires, jumpers and jackets awaits, even if you are still wearing shorts and sandals.

September 9 – Apparently I’m trending? #PSL

September 12 – This year I’m also vegan-friendly. #VeganPSL

September 20 – Sources have reported a 1,023% rise in Google searches of “pumpkin spice” since last week. You hear that, Hazelnut and Caramel? What YOU saying?!

September 28 – Chrissy Teigen just tagged me on social media. I’ve just broken the internet.

October 5 – Is that a delivery of festive cups I spy?

October 10 – Netflix are in talks about a documentary. Working title, “A Pumpkin Spice Latte Will Not Fill the Gaping Void in Your Life.” I’m happy to proclaim otherwise.

October 15 – Did someone just say “eggnog”?

October 21 – Rain all week. Just try and NOT order me, coffee drinkers!

October 23 – Is that a TOASTED MARSHMALLOW syrup?

October 31 – Sold out just in time to watch a scary movie. Feeling, you know, just really content right now…

November 1 – No orders.

November 2 – No orders.

November 3 – No orders. #SaveThePSL

November 5 – Christmas menu officially launched. Sob. Moved to stock room.

November 10 – Packed away. Stored in a dark corner. Vanilla doesn’t even get this kind of treatment.

November 15 – Remember when I made you smile? Remember when you would tag ME on social media?

November 20 – Order your gingerbread latte! Opt for the toffee nut! Just remember who made you feel special just a few short weeks ago. Remember how I made you feel warm inside even when it was still warm outside?

November 23 – I’m just a Pumpkin Spice Latte, standing in front of a customer, asking them to love me for more than 55 days a year…

November 30 – I mean, what other coffee syrup can write a darn diary?!