We’ve all been there. You’re just enjoying your day when, oops! You accidentally tweet something incredibly racist to your platform of 300K people. Don’t worry, you got this! Turn on that ring light, plop down on your bedroom floor, and check out these five must-have gray hoodies for your apology video!

1. Picture of a bland, regular gray hoodie

This one’s a classic. It retails at about $129.99, but looks totally off the rack, so your followers will think you're just like them! It’s a staple for today’s influencer.

2. Gray hoodie that has “HARVARD” written on it

Show off your alma mater with this timeless piece Sure, you may have only gotten in because of your parent’s “donations,” but hey! They don’t need to know that.

3. Gray hoodie that says “Trust Me, I'm a Gamer”

Are you an ignorant gamer instead of an ignorant vlogger? Don’t worry, we got you covered. This look will totally appease your following of 14-year-old alt-righters, reassuring them that slurs just don’t count if they’re said during Fortnite.

4. Oversized gray hoodie

This shapeless blob of gray fabric is perfect for pretending to give a shit about your problematic behavior. Wipe fake tears on the oversized sleeves as you read the apology your manager emailed you this morning.

5. Hoodie that just says “I'm a racist!”

Fuck it! Just let everyone know you’re a careless dick who misuses their massive platform. This is a total LOOK for the influencer who is bold, brash, and was never really sorry in the first place. It’s totally you!