When a teen in New Mexico was having trouble concentrating in class due to hunger, her teachers banded together and managed to buy her six months’ worth of Adderall! Wow!

A fast food worker in Kansas had shoes almost completely worn through from walking an hour from one of his jobs to the other every single day. One of his customers took pity on him and bought him a pair of moon shoes. Now his daily commute is a bouncy adventure!

Upon learning that a diabetic employee was having to ration her insulin and might not be able to afford her next dose, the manager of a Pennsylvania rental car franchise scheduled the employee for twice her normal number of weekly hours, enabling her to buy her medicine!

A ten-year-old U.S. citizen pleaded with a judge at the USCIS to deport her back to Honduras in place of her undocumented mother. The judge, moved by pity, granted her request, and the big-hearted girl now sweeps up hair at a salon in Tegucicalpa, saving up money to immigrate to the United States legally!

A 44-year-old woman facing bankruptcy after her leukemia diagnosis found a wealthy benefactor who pledged to support her two children through college, and all she had to do in return was agree to be hunted for sport on his private island! Wow!

Disney’s Imagineers built a smiling animatronic figure to honor a popular, long-serving Disney World sanitation worker who just got deported. We’re crying!

A 16-year-old in Alabama was impregnated by a date rapist. Her community reached out to help, and in short order raised $4,000 toward a dream wedding for her and hubby-to-be!

This flight attendant was facing constant customer abuse after coming out as transgender, so the airline, out of concern for her well-being, moved her to a less customer-facing position cleaning dead geese out of the jet engines! Yay!

The story of an engineering prodigy who couldn’t afford to go to college caught the attention of tech billionaire Elon Musk. Now he has a sweet job as Elon’s personal trash emptier, and hardly has to perform any sexual favors! What generosity!

After a Vermont man with muscular dystrophy lost his battle with Medicaid to get a new motorized wheelchair, his 12-year-old son dismantled several of his beloved RC cars to build him a new one!

After a gay man was followed home from his serving job and viciously beaten in a hate-motivated attack, his boss graciously provided him with $300 worth of top-shelf makeup, so he could cover up his bruises and not miss any work. Good going, boss!

When the CEO of Dave & Buster’s learned that his old elementary school was about to close due to budget cuts, he knew he had to do something. So he flew out there and personally promised every teacher at the school a job at the Dave & Buster’s that was replacing the school!

A Muslim family in Tennessee recently came home to find their windows broken and their siding covered with Islamophobic graffiti. The pastors of the area’s three largest churches were so moved by their plight that they went out to the home and converted the family to Christianity on the spot to protect them from future attacks. Tremendous!

When a 58-year-old former journalist, now working as a package deliverer, was forced by his busy schedule to urinate behind a tree, he could have been arrested. Instead, the homeowner referred the man to a colleague in the specialty video market, where his unusually powerful stream made him a quick star! Faith in humanity restored!