I broke my phone and it took a couple of days to get fixed. Here’s what happened to me without it, as I recall. You have been warned.

Noon — 4:00 PM: No problem. I watch some TV, eat lunch and take a nap. Hardly anything has changed. I can’t imagine this being a big deal. I still have plenty of modern conveniences at my disposal. It might even be nice to disconnect for a while.

4:00 — 8:00 PM: I feel like I don’t know what is happening. Some anxiety is creeping in. I don’t know if my friends have updated their profile pictures. Dave was running a 5k. Did he finish? Maybe he did, but I wouldn’t know, of course. I don’t know if Kathy is “rockin’ the new outfit.” Need to tell her “You go, girl.” Getting hungry. Just realized: I can’t call for pizza!

8:00 PM — Midnight: I’m forced to leave the house for food. I order out all the time, and there’s nothing in the fridge. I’m outside now, walking to the nearby pizza shop. There are people everywhere, so many of them, crawling all over the place. I talk to one in real life! It is the pizza person at the pizza shop. I use words to talk! I say “Need a pizza. Large Supreme.” I don’t have it in me to speak again, so I just nod. I wolf slices down right from the box on the way home. I smell everything.

2:00 AM — 8:00 AM: Fitful sleep. Dreaming of caves and streams and big sticks. Words replaced with pictures. Listening for noises. Threats. Threats everywhere.

8:00 AM — Noon: Wake up. Need food now. Me no have. No have! Wait! Thing in box is more pizza I got from person at place! Eat it. So much eat it.

Noon — 4:00 PM: Arrgh what you!? Why thing in smooth glass looking at me all time? Go away! All time I walk by smooth glass, it stare at me. What is it? Ugly savage! Stay away from it. Don’t look!

4:00 PM — 8:00 PM: Need rest. Need it! What wrong? Something walk by outside. Predator? Must hide. Hide! Wait for dark. No move.

8:00 PM — Midnight: Hungry. Need eat now! What that? Thing in yard. Fur on it. Chase. Chase! Pounce! Loud screeching! It fall. Drag into bushes. Me eat now. So good me eat now. Thirsty. Go inside. Drink much water from big white bowl.

Midnight — 4:00 AM: Terrible sky noise. Sky mad! Many mad crash! Scurry away. Sit rocking in corner of cave. Safe here? No sleep. Stare. No blink.

4:00 — 8:00 AM: Sky quiet now. Dark go away. Tired. Prey out. Hungry. Crawl. Forage. Gather bugs eat. Many bugs.

8:00 AM — Noon: Pelts on me too scratchy! Rip them off! Must hunt. Running down hard path by other square caves. Why are they screaming? Why so much pointing? Savages! Now noisy metal thing on wheels runs up. Horrible noise and flashing lights! Man shove me into metal box. Angry man speaking strange words. Says “indeezensposhure.” What that? Now put in large cage with other savage named Chuck or Chug. I bite at him. Drink from big silver bowl. Chuck or Chug afraid.

Noon — 4:00 PM: Lady come take me out of big cage. Make me put back on scratchy pelts. Take me back to cave. Me know her! Her name Stacy. She share cave sometime with me. She nice. She give me phone thing I miss. It work! I hold it. I look at it. I begin remember. I remember that it broke and I sent it away to get fixed. I remember going without it! I remember that I was… oh, fuck.