Ratings, folks. Television ratings. So important, and my presidency, the best ever, the best ever ratings. So many people tuning in, so many people watching everything I do, everything we accomplish, the most.

And those ratings, only gonna get better, only get higher with all this North Korea drama. I’m telling you, the end of the world is gonna do so well on TV.

They owe me, these networks. The fake news at CNN and MSNBC, even our friends at Fox. I generate money, everything I say, everything I do, everything I say. You hear my words, you want more, you want to see, that’s what the television does, really. Gives a look. Looking inside Trump Administration. Interesting. More interesting than anything ever before.

And there’s more to come.

The bad, it does well in the news. “If it bleeds, it leads,” you’ve heard that expression, I’ve said that expression, I’ve heard that expression, common… common. So much bad coming, people, you have no idea.

North Korea, this Kim Jong-un guy, the missiles, so many bombs. Explosions at any moment. I know, president, it’s my job to know these things even when I'm in my hotels working, not on vacation, no vacations. And it’ll be so much. Gonna have to tune in. See it live on cable.

That’s what it’s all about. The Apprentice, my show, the greatest, I would say, in the history of television. And those aren’t even my words. The best ratings, you’ve seen the numbers, I don’t need to tell you people. The high stakes on the show, everyone tuned in every week to see what happens. Cliffhangers, twists, had it all.

Now take the stakes on The Apprentice—such high stakes, so high, so tough, so high—and think about how many people are gonna tune in for the end of the world. Nukes going off left and right. It’ll break all the records, all the ratings records. Every event, anything, won’t come close. Death, destructions, you name it, end of the world’s got it. Some sex too, I would bet, who knows?

Best television programming ever.

Only problem, and we’ll see, we’ll see, is if everyone’s already dead so the ratings aren’t good. So people gotta leave their televisions on, leave them on. Get the ratings even after people are dead. The ratings don’t know if someone’s watching on the couch or if they’re dead and just left the TV on, they don’t, they can’t know. Who knows? If everyone’s dead, we can still get the ratings.

Won’t spoil the ending for you, can’t do that. Too much of an entertainer, that’s why you love me, that's why all the people love me. Delaying announcements, announcing announcements, big reveals. Gorsuch, Paris Agreement, had to tune in to find out. Had to tune in. Great ratings, best ever for a Supreme Court announcement, better than anyone. That’s television.

I can even make a big speech like in the movies when these guys launch the missiles. Get on TV, whole world watching, and say, “This is it, folks. We’re done. Hug your loved ones.” Broadcast in all the languages all over, cut to all the people watching and listening all over the earth. Greatest moment in entertainment history. Right out of a movie.

Think of the ratings. Wow, so big. The biggest problems, the end of it all, gonna make me even more famous.