What’s your type that you’ll keep going out with until your therapist begs you to date outside your comfort zone?

Are you into bad boys or baristas? Find out who’s going to keep screwing you over in the same damn way until a mental health professional strongly encourages you to see the light.

Do you like him as more than a friend, or is he just nice and you think you could make yourself attracted to him?

Maybe that “platonic” friend is not just a friend at all! Maybe you’re not just telling yourself that he could be sexually appealing if he just stopped wearing polos that fully show his nipples! If you’re taking this quiz, you already know the prognosis, but go on! Fake your answers so we tell you it’s true love.

Are you besties forever, or just until one of you gets a new job in PR and suddenly thinks she’s better than everyone?

Best friends forEVER, or forNEVER? Some best buds might be equipped to weather the storm. Others may keep ditching dinner plans to take international phone calls that are definitely not that important. I mean, how much money could she really be making with an art history degree? Find out if the friendship is meant to last, or if one of you will just find another group to Juul with.

Which prom dress will you re-wear to an ex’s wedding in a last-ditch attempt to remind him of your shared history?

Mermaid cut or sweetheart neckline? Which of your prom dresses will you dig out of your old closet for your ex’s upcoming nuptials that you’re attending as the date of an invited guest? You’ve only got one shot to transport your former prom date back to the after-prom cabin (A.K.A. the best night of his life) before he gets hitched to some attorney with super shiny hair. Make it count!

Are you ready to have sex again?

After that last guy really fucked you up in the head? You might be ready to approach intimacy. On the other hand, you might be ready for nothing more than a good cry during baboon mating scenes in Planet Earth. Find out here instead of letting your friend peer-pressure you into a one-night stand with her only single friend that you’ve repeatedly turned down.

What U.S. (or international!) city should you move to then leave after a year of trying to make it work?

Whether it’s Hollywood, or The Big Apple, each city has its own special way of luring new dreamers and spitting them back out with empty wallets. Where will life take you… before you move back in with your parents to get on your feet?

Which teen heartthrob is the spitting image of someone you went to high school with but you just can’t place?

He definitely looks like someone… but who? Is it that guy with the haircut and the nose, from that science-y class you took? Is it the dude with the pants who worked at that restaurant you can’t remember the name of? You know you went to school together, just give it a minute…

Is your new moisturizer giving you a rash, or is it this WebMD cancer?

It’s probably a rash, but you never know. You once knew a girl who was only 23 and got cancer and died within two days, but also she smoked all the time and also it was toe cancer, but WebMD said that all the symptoms are like exactly the same so it’s really a toss-up. Take this quiz for fictional peace-of-mind.

Which lipstick shade is right for you according to your aunt who comments on your Facebook pictures?

Pink Suede makes you look washed out, but apparently Apple Kiss makes you look like you’re “walking the streets if you know what I mean.” Find out which impossible shade doesn’t make you look both too old and too young. Your makeup can’t please everyone, but you can certainly try to please your relatives for your entire life until you crack.

Test how much you know about STDs!

Oh, not nearly enough.

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