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John and Rory look for a starter home in bustling Raleigh, North Carolina.

Rory leans more towards classic styles, while John unconsciously tries to prove his middle school drama teacher wrong.

Will they find the house of their dreams, or will you stop caring and only focus on their relationship dynamics?

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Gerry and Denise look for a vacation bungalow in cozy Portland, Maine.

Gerry leans more toward traditional cabins, while Denise gives off a “let’s get this over with; Kohl’s is having a sale” kind of vibe.

Will they find the perfect getaway, or will you lose track as you fall into a shame spiral, wondering why you can’t just be happy for these nice people who remind you of your parents and seem to understand that you just sort of put up with shit and do the best you can?

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Marcus and Athena look for an upgrade in sprawling Nashville, Tennessee.

Marcus leans towards upscale townhomes, while Athena channels Regina George and our producers act like Gretchen Wieners.

Will they find a home to grow into, or will you spend the whole episode oscillating between rage, jealousy, and attraction towards Athena?

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Lenore and Reggie are in the hunt for a second home in gorgeous Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Lenore is looking for great outdoor entertaining space, while Reggie is curiously interested in basement specs.

Will they find the home of their dreams, or will you spend the whole episode creating an elaborate fantasy where Lenore has hired you to get dirt on Reggie (who, let’s face it, has been acting weird ever since he floated this idea of buying a second home) and you turn up evidence that he's planning to surprise Lenore with a basement apartment for a granddaughter she never knew about after giving up her firstborn for adoption?

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Jack and Ambrose look for a retirement condo in sunny Naples, Florida.

Jack is on the hunt for incredible beach views, while Ambrose’s love is so pure that he supports all the dumb shit Jack says.

Will they find the perfect place for their golden years, or will the sublime truth of their love make you change the channel to something easier—something that doesn’t confront you with the convincing but illusory nature of our individual consciousnesses, and the empowering but ultimately sad wisdom that we can decide our lives have meaning?