To the country music community,

My fans know I’m just a small-town boy with truck parts for brains and whiskey instead of blood. There’s nothing I love more than strapping on my diamond-studded “COUNTRY CRUNK” belt buckle and singing my heart out to ya’ll. But lately, some folks have called my songs “misogynistic,” and it’s breakin’ my bro country heart.

I may come from a traditional, blue-collar background, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the ladies. Hell, without my momma in the kitchen feeding me dinner or cleaning up my jersey after high school football games, I wouldn’t have made it to Nashville. That’s why I’m writing this open letter to clear up some misunderstandings in the lyrics of my songs.

“Blue Ribbon”

Here at the fair, you can get a fried cheese log
Come over here and I’ll let you lick my corndog
You like to have fun, get you a blue ribbon girl
Why don’cha take a little ride on my Tilt-A-Whirl?

When people told me they thought this song was about sexual relations, this corn-shuckin’ country boy was shocked. Big city folks just have their mind in the gutter. I’m just singing about the fun rides and tasty food at the famous Iowa State Fair.

“Either Kinda Pole”

One day you’re fishing for trout with your short shorts on
The next you’re dancing in the club, twerking in your thong
Baby let’s get in my truck and get ready to roll
I’m good with seeing you with either kinda pole

Listen, your boy Tripp is just an avid angler who supports hard-workin’ ladies in all their professional and leisure activities. Also, this video featured 12 girls who were every color of spray tan, so I think that shows I love both women and diversity, don’t you?

“Day Off”

Come home from work and there’s dishes in the sink
Don’t worry ‘bout that tonight, just get me another drink
Looking fine in that black dress, pretty as can be
Let me give you the day off from taking care of me

This verse and my interview on the CMA red carpet where I said women are better at doing chores have been taken out of context so many times it makes me sick. It’s not my fault that I’m better at holding a .22 than holding a vacuum cleaner! I’m celebrating women’s God-given gifts in these lyrics, and I just know that Tammy Wynette is up in Heaven right now makin’ a TikTok to this song.

“Redneck Eye Candy”

I think about her cleaning my rifle
Wearing nothing but her Bible
Makin’ love to me all night
While she’s voting far right
Kinda stupid but I love her, she ain’t fancy
She’s my Trump-lovin’, beer-chuggin’
Redneck eye candy

I’m stunned people don’t get that this song is about how much I, as a proud, red-blooded American patriot, respect and value the contributions women make to our political system. These lyrics describe my ideal Republican congressional candidate, who also happens to be my ideal woman. I think that’s pretty damn progressive if you ask me.

“Dairy Queen Date Night”

I got my paycheck tonight, my work week is done
Bought a six pack of Busch and some ammo for my gun
Made my ATV payment, then I called you up
Said girl, get sexy, gonna put you in my truck
I got enough left over to take you out tonight
Value menu at the DQ, get whatever you like
$5 limit ‘cause I’m a working man, you see
Damn, slow down girl, you’re getting chubby

I’m a simple man and this song is about appreciating the simple life. Haters are giving me hell, but this song ain’t “body-shaming.” Truth is, if my girlfriend got fat, she would have a hard time hoppin’ into my lifted truck. I’m just looking out for her.

“Gurl Ass”

There’s nothing I love more than
A glass full of whiskey on a Friday
Drivin’ down a backroad on Saturday
A church full of sinners on a Sunday
Fried chicken, loose women, and a handful
Of gurl ass

As a country artist, it’s my duty to lift women up. If the way I lift them up is by the ass, so be it.

To my God-lovin’, alcoholism-havin’, concealed-carryin’ fans, I appreciate your support. To everyone else, I hope this clears things up. I don’t intend to objectify women in my music, but hey, sometimes their fine Southern asses bring it on themselves. And on that note, keep your ears open for my new single, “Big Ol’ Country Titties.”