Let the kids go to the rooms with an “Ancient Egypt,” or “Edgar Allan Poe,” or even “prison cell” theme. Are you adult enough for a real challenge?

Marketing Meeting

Shift budget items until you find the money to end the meeting and open the door.

Family Tech Support

You’re the one person in the family who understands how to set up the wifi or back up your sister-in-law’s phone. Can she, your mother, your son, your father-in-law, or your great-aunt remember at least one of their fucking passwords before time runs out?

Pop Culture References

Name five current Top Ten hits, four stars of a Netflix Original Series in their first season, three YouTube celebrities, one character from a Percy Jackson novel who is not Percy Jackson and not counting guesses based on what you remember of Greek mythology, two trending apps, correctly format an Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook post that will only be visible to your friends who drink cold brew coffee and live within your city, and name six Starbucks drinks that can easily be mistaken for a Caramel Macchiato.

Warning: Staff is not responsible for references that change during the 55 minutes you are in the escape room. Your answers could be invalidated at any time.


You’re a Democratic candidate in a district configured to favor Republicans. You have one hour to spend $30 million on ads and get out of the voting booth.

Children’s Hour I

Trapped in an escape room, and one of the pre-teens is deliberately sabotaging the clues—but who? And where are his parents?

Children’s Hour II

Onstage in a Lillian Hellman play. Your only way out is to remember your lines and end the scene.


Two doors: One leads to an anniversary dinner. One leads to a makeshift bed of laundry in a puddle of detergent next to the washing machine. Text your ex’s number successfully to solve the puzzle. Or don’t, if you know what’s good for you.


You’re over 70 and must get your pills organized in that little plastic box with the SMTWTFS lids. Meanwhile, your grandchildren are trying to push you out of the way so they can solve the “Pirates of the Copyright-Free Specific Caribbean Islands” escape room.

The Lease

Your landlady won’t release you or your deposit until you have cleaned the apartment to her satisfaction, and only now do you realize she has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. On hands and knees, clean the grout with a toothbrush. Identify whatever she thinks she smells and locate where it’s coming from. You will never get out of this in one mental piece, but you’ll walk right into this situation again and again.

Car Trip

Backseat on the family drive to Disney World. Solve the wifi conundrum, elbow fellow participants in the correct sequence of ribs, build the optimum roadtrip playlist, override the safety locks on the car doors and push the smallest person out.

Note: This escape room runs over the normal 55-minute limit by 2,040 minutes.