“Vladimir Putin is demanding the Russian government ‘take charge’ of rap music after authorities cracked down on a number of concerts across the country.”
Esquire 12/17/18

“Oligarch’s Paradise”

“Drop It Like It’s the Results of a Free and Fair Election”

“I’ve Got 99 Problems That State Media Will Present As Positives”

“Post Cold War State of Mind”

“St. Petersburg Love”

“How I Could Just Kill a Man (Who is a Reporter)”

“Western Media Playing Tricks On Me”

“Passin’ Me By On the Way to Annex Crimea”

“Obey Tha Police”

“Lose Yourself and LGBT Civil Protections”

“Fight the Power of Western Cultural Hegemony”

“Guilty Conscience (Because of All the Reporters I’ve Killed)”

“VERY Cool Summers”

“Locked Up (For Political Reasons)”


“Best (Interrogation) I Ever Had”

“Lethal Toxins in Ya Ear”

“Putin Said Knock You Out”

“Nuthin’ But a G-20 Thang”

“Straight Outta Chechnya”

“Shots (Of Anabolic Steroids)”

“The Eastern Bloc is Yours”

“Just a Friend (Who Has American State Secrets I Will Extract)”

“Damn It Feels Good to Be a State-Sponsored Social Media Influencer”

“In Da Club, Which is Nested in Da Bigger Club, Which is Nested in Da Even Bigger Club”

“Life Goes On (Unless You’re a Reporter)”