Hey dweeb! Oh god it’s you, of course you bought this journal. Alright, sign your name here:


And write a reward if you lose it, which you probably will, because I’ll steal it from you and get all the money! __________________

Prompt 1: When did you first realize you were such a loser?

Prompt 2: What sport do you wish you could play even though you’ll never be able to?

Prompt 3: How much lunch money did you bring today?

Prompt 4: Do you think you’ll ever grow out of being a nerd?

Prompt 5: What do you think of Nathan from math?

Prompt 6: Why don’t you ever sit next to Nathan in class?

Prompt 7: Where did you learn how to sing so well?

Prompt 8: How come you’re always nice to Nathan even when he shoves you in a locker?

Prompt 9: When you invite Johnny and Brian over to play Call of Duty, do you ever wish Nathan was there?

Prompt 10: Nathan wants to ask Rebecca to the dance, do you have any advice for him?

Prompt 11: Have you hit puberty yet?

Prompt 12: Have you watched videos of hot girls online yet?

Prompt 13: If Nathan came up to you in school and was actually chill, would you talk to him?

Prompt 14: Why is Mr. Smith such a bitch? He always gives Nathan F’s.

Prompt 15: Are you going to grind at the school dance or what?

Prompt 16: Would you be able to tutor Nathan in math?

Prompt 17: Did you know Connor S. bullied Nathan in 2nd grade?

Prompt 18: How do you tell a girl you like her?

Prompt 19: Should Nathan try out for school choir? He can sing the first minute of “Bohemian Rhapsody” really well.

Prompt 20: If Nathan wanted to start a band, would you join?

Prompt 21: Seriously though, how much lunch money do you have today? I’m starving.