Basements Jokes

  1. They can be hard to decorate because they either look like a cave or a complete shit-hole: Dear Anonymous
  2. They're solely meant for drinking, smoking and the occasional one-night stand: God's Country
  3. College students spend a lot more time in other people's basements than in their own: Dear Sarah Palin, You GO Girl!
  4. A lot of sports bars are almost identical to them: Happy Birthday to Me
  5. Call it a stereotype, but they're always cold: Narcotics Anonymous
  6. There's nothing lamer than taking out a girl on a fancy date and then bringing her to back to your place, aka your parent's basement: Cheap Dates for Cheapskates
  7. They're a good place to hide from the nagging girlfriend or wife: Picking Them Games Without the NFL Network
  8. It can take a while to figure out that you have one in your house: George Washington Handles a Terrorist Attack
  9. Even though it can be embarrassing, people actually live in them as if they're an apartment: The Time-Honored College Apartment
  10. They're the best place to put a keg and a few ping pong tables: Frat Party: The Text Adventure

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