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PublicationEst.AboutSubmitTwitterInstagramGenreFrequencyTrafficPlatformPaymentRecent Posts
New Yorker "Daily Shouts", The1925Satire and cartoons about politics and daily life, featuring a distinctive cosmopolitan sophistication.SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDailyHigh Traffic (1M+ Monthly Visits)Also a Print MagazinePayment Offered RSS
McSweeney's Internet Tendency1998Satire, lists, open letters, and monologues often featuring timely political pieces.SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDailyHigh Traffic (1M+ Monthly Visits)Payment Offered RSS
Points in Case1999Satire, lists, columns, stories, and jokes. "Enlightening and irreverent comedy."SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDailyHigh Traffic (100-500k Monthly Visits) RSS
Defenestration2003Humor mag featuring short stories, poetry, and "fake nonfiction" three times a year.SubmitGeneral HumorMonthly RSS
Robot Butt2014Satire, interviews, stories, essays, and cartoons, plus weird and quirky pop culture content.SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDaily RSS
American Bystander, The2015Satire and cartoons in full-color, softcover format. "An essential read for comedy nerds."SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorMonthlyMainly a Print MagazinePayment OfferedRSS
Haven, The2015Stories, essays, lists, fake news, funny poetry, and cartoons.SubmitTwitterGeneral HumorDailyMedium.com Publication
Belladonna, The2017Comedy and satire by women and other marginalized genders, for everyone.SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDailyMedium.com Publication
Little Old Lady Comedy2017Satire, short stories, essays, poetry, and cartoons. "Comedy that matters (to us)."SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDaily
Weekly Humorist2017Satire, cartoons, podcast, and a monthly-ish print magazine. "The standard in American immaturity."SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDailyPayment Offered
Funny Pearls2018Satirical journal dedicated to showcasing humour by women. Based in London.SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorWeekly
Jane Austen's Wastebasket2018Humor inspired by the literature, history, and other non-lucrative college courses.SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDailyMedium.com Publication
Slackjaw2018Satire, essays, short comedic fiction, and cartoons. "Medium humor, large laughs."SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDailyMedium.com Publication
Funny-ish2019Weird and creative comedy, focusing on emerging writers and female, LGBTQ+, and POC voices.SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorWeekly
MuddyUm2019Satire, stories, and comics. "Bootleg humor since 1720."SubmitTwitterGeneral HumorDailyMedium.com Publication
Daily Drunk, The2020Humor, film, and pop culture. "We ain't picky. Not many rules here."SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDaily
Greener Pastures2020Comedy and satire by writers "obsessed with out-writing, out-joking and out-funnying each other."SubmitTwitterGeneral HumorDailyMedium.com Publication
Two Fifty One2020Prose 251 words or shorter, and cartoons "that don’t take longer than four seconds to figure out."SubmitTwitterGeneral HumorDaily
Widget2020Monthly themed collections curated around a broader topic. "Fart jokes and anti-capitalism."SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorDailyPayment Offered (Thru June 2021)
Wry Times2020Satire, essays, cartoons, and poetry "about modern, post-modern, and post-post-modern life."SubmitTwitterInstagramGeneral HumorMonthly
Funny Times1985Intelligent, left-leaning humor. "Humor and satire in a world gone totally insane."SubmitInstagramNiche HumorMonthlyAlso a Print MagazinePayment Offered
Light Poetry1992Twice-yearly issues of well-crafted and witty verse, plus weekly poems on current events.SubmitTwitterNiche HumorWeeklyRSS
Rumpus "Funny Women", The2009A column featuring literary, feminist humor by non-men.SubmitTwitterNiche HumorMonthlyHigh Traffic (100-500k Monthly Visits)Payment Offered
Syndrome, The2017Raising awareness of gender equality issues through humor and satire.SubmitTwitterInstagramNiche HumorWeekly
Awf Magazine2019LGBTQ+ experience satire. "Underrepresented voices celebrate quirks of queer life and media."SubmitTwitterInstagramNiche HumorWeekly RSS
Frazzled2019Parenting humor in bits and pieces.SubmitTwitterInstagramNiche HumorDailyMedium.com Publication
LadySpike Media2019Comedy and satire oriented toward women.SubmitTwitterInstagramNiche HumorDaily RSS
Foreigner, The2020Explores the comedic side of being an immigrant, children of immigrants, and diaspora.SubmitTwitterInstagramNiche HumorMonthlyMedium.com Publication RSS
Functionally Dead2020Leftist comedy & culture zine "for all the freaks."SubmitTwitterInstagramNiche HumorMonthlyMainly an EzinePayment OfferedRSS
Humor Darling2020Femme humor featuring "trashy laughs for millennial queens."SubmitTwitterInstagramNiche HumorMonthlyMedium.com Publication
Onion, The1988US satire news. "America's finest news source."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (1M+ Monthly Visits) RSS
Satirist, The1999Satire news, imaginary and genuine criticism, book and movie reviews.SubmitTwitterSatire NewsWeekly
Spoof, The2001Irreverent and satirical slant to the current big news stories throughout the world.SubmitTwitterSatire NewsDaily RSS
NewsThump2009Satire news taking aim at current affairs from the UK and around the world.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (100-500k Monthly Visits) RSS
Waterford Whispers News2009Satirical news out of Ireland. "Just a local newspaper."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (100-500k Monthly Visits) RSS
Beaverton, The2010Primarily Canadian satire news. "North America’s trusted source of news."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (500k-1M Monthly Visits)
Duffel Blog2012Satire news focused on US military and veterans.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (100-500k Monthly Visits)Substack.com Publication RSS
Shovel, The2012Australian satire news.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (100-500k Monthly Visits) RSS
Reductress2013Satire taking on the outdated perspectives and condescending tone of popular women’s media.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (500k-1M Monthly Visits) RSS
Clickhole2014Parodies clickbait websites such as BuzzFeed and Upworthy. "Because all content deserves to go viral."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (100-500k Monthly Visits) RSS
Hard Times, The2014Punk, alt music, and gaming satire news. "Real punk news, comin’ your way!"SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (1M+ Monthly Visits)Payment Offered RSS
Word Brothel2016Satire news featuring subversive political and social commentary and counterculture.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsWeekly RSS
Needling, The2017Seattle satire news.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
Chicago Genius Herald, The2018Chicago satire news.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
DNAtured2018Satirical takes on life in STEM, scientific journalism, and the universe at large. "Science unravelled."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
Flexx2018"Urban" satire by people of color. "Satire with seasoning."SubmitTwitterSatire NewsDaily RSS
Nerfwire2018Gaming satire news.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
Nordly, The2018Minnesota satire news.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
Omnarchy2018Dystopian satire and "surreal propaganda."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily

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Boston Accent, The2019Massachussetts satire news. "Wicked serious satire for everyone, but especially for Massholes."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsWeekly RSS
Broadway Beat, The2019Theatre world satire news.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily
Chicago Machine, The2019Chicago satire news.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
Hard Money2020Financial news satire. "All the money that's fit to print."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailyHigh Traffic (100-500k Monthly Visits)Payment Offered RSS
JumpKick2020Satirical crowdfunding platform. "No matter the cause, we always take 5%."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
Lunar Times, The2020Satire news for all Asian Americans.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
Philadelphia Satirer, The2020Satire writing incubator (not specific to Philadelphia). "Committed to dispensable journalism."SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsMonthly
Plot Twist2020Entertainment news satire.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDaily RSS
Whole Wheat Post, The2020Primarily satirizes health and fitness, but also dips into news and current events. SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsWeekly RSS
Ye Old Tyme News2020Medieval fantasy satire.SubmitTwitterInstagramSatire NewsDailySubstack.com Publication RSS