This summer, HGTV and Marvel Entertainment, in an exclusive licensing partnership, combine home beautification with primal bloodlust. Say goodbye to tepid, boring hosts and say hello to pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat, open-concept excitement!

It’s the HGTV/Marvel Universe! Check out our upcoming lineup of shows.

Captain America: Fixer Upper

Captain America takes on clients in Waco, Texas, helping them turn less-than-perfect houses into the homes of their dreams!

Cal and Joanna McNamara want to find a home on a large plot of land so they can raise their kids in a rustic rural setting. They meet with Captain America at a local Quizno’s and ask him for his help. Captain America retreats to an empty field and stares at the horizon for some time before he agrees.

He levels most of the Waco area, destroying countless homes and scorching acres of farmland, but comes up empty-handed. He assures the McNamaras that he hasn’t stopped searching—he will never stop searching. He turns and secures his iconic shield to his back.

“At least now I know where not to look,” he whispers, a thought which haunts the McNamaras and inspires a line of T-shirts you’ll find exclusively at Target, Walmart, and online. Then Captain America winks and soars off over the devastation, setting up the hope for a thrilling sequel and more T-shirts.

Property Hulk

The Property Hulk’s mission: to help couples find, buy and transform extreme fixer-uppers into cozy and quaint dream homes.

Newlyweds Keith and Brenda Sullivan are determined to move out of their cramped condo. They present Property Hulk with a wish list of must-haves that they will not budge on, like Kohler faucets in every bathroom and Pergo flooring throughout. Property Hulk think cramped condo fine. The Sullivan’s tastes tend to lean towards the extravagant, running the risk of blowing their budget on something they may regret later. Property Hulk tell Sullivans be more practical.

Ultimately, the Sullivans find a house way out of their price range, but insist they can make it work with a few lifestyle modifications. Property Hulk smash house, smash house next door, across street, but not touch Coca-Cola truck. Tell Sullivans go back to Square One.

The Sullivans vow their revenge, setting up the possibility of not just a sequel, but a very lucrative franchise. Property Hulk say “bring it” and scowls in that way only Property Hulk can. Though Property Hulk not handsome, scowl soon appear on cover of video game, available for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Restored by Thor

With hammer in hand, Thor renovates older homes in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area that are a bit out of the ordinary and unconventional.

Dale and Marcy Blumenthal have tasked Thor with updating their opulent Victorian house built in 1885. Thor upcycles salvaged cabinets into a custom bar where the Blumenthals serve Barefoot wine and Patron tequila exclusively. Then Thor receives a warning via Microsoft Cortana that Loki, Thor’s brother and archenemy, may try to sabotage the acquisition of newly produced Amara wallpaper. Plus, the McNamara’s are upset that Thor is sticking with Victorian motifs and hasn’t once tapped into his Nordic design sensibilities.

Thor finally succumbs to the pressure. His hammer, which has so far been used only to secure tacks for high-end Couristan-brand carpet, comes to life, leveling the house and much of the surrounding neighborhood. But the McNamara’s and Loki join forces with that most evil of alliances, the Homeowner’s Association, and gravely injure Thor.

Thor is sent back to Asgard, setting up the possibility for not only a franchise, but an animated series, video games, and a line of housewares so rugged and sturdy, they can “withstand Thor’s Mighty Hammer!”

If you crave heart-pounding action and jaw-dropping window treatments, edge-of-your-seat excitement and high-octane ambient lighting, then join us – and our sponsors Sherwin-Williams, Mitsubishi Electronics, and Blinds to Go – in the HGTV Universe!