All of the text for these erasure poems comes from transcripts of various interviews with Hulk Hogan from 1985-2013. I didn't adjust the order of anything from the original interviews, these are all Hulk's words. I only removed the interviewers' questions, cut down Mr. Hogan's answers, and rearranged them on the page. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 here.

ABC News, Sep. 2011

We pray that she finds closure
this crazy delusional situation
she actually believes,

a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade,
in the same town with her …
the wrong way at a red light,
put in jail

when her book's come out?
so the minute I

walk out of
wherever I
walk out of I
walk out of,
it's there, boom?

I'm happy now …
to reach a doorknob
into a public restroom

in the mirror,
they have normal size
wives and normal size kids …
Just little people in the real world.

Forbes, Aug. 2011

Let me tell you a lesson I learned.
Remember when the oil spilled?
I watched the news everyday all day for the next few days –
I was flipping out because I knew what it would do to the economy
“Terry, don’t you know God’s got this?
it will get taken care of.”
And I’ll be darned, things got a little better.
They cleaned things up a bit,
everything was under control.
But for a full 150 days, I was like “Oh my God”
and I was stressing out about something that didn’t need to be worried about.
So I learned a huge lesson with that.

Forbes, Aug. 2011

I started off as the “Super Destroyer,”
and they had me under a mask,

It’s like running hot water under your feet.
When I step out the door,

I’m Hulk Hogan and that hot water is on.
People always expect Hulk Hogan

to be standing up straight,
or to have the bandana on,

I’m aware the hot waters on.
I love being home and

being able to be Terry;
to get the hot water off my feet

You know with the economy,
and the foreclosures on homes,

and how tough it is to make it with families.
if I could pull a nose up on this thing,

anyone could.
to help people and to serve.

It’s just “God’s Law”
low vibrational people.

I was praying to God that maybe the reality show
would give my marriage more net worth

and make my partner feel like she had a purpose in life.
But it really didn’t help.

I was constantly reinventing myself from the
diversionary tactics with cartoons,

more gas in my tank.
calculating my DNA strand

“he was a great man”
and that’s what I would like to be known as.

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