All of the text for these erasure poems comes from transcripts of various interviews with Hulk Hogan from 1985-2013. I didn't adjust the order of anything from the original interviews, these are all Hulk's words. I only removed the interviewers' questions, cut down Mr. Hogan's answers, and rearranged them on the page. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Big Lead Sports, Oct. 2012

Yes, this is it,
It’s a huge deal

we’re hitting on all eight cylinders
it translates in any language,

the same way out of the ring
the voice and the attitude.

We would meet
barbecue’s at his mom’s house

It was in my blood …
they’re like interchangeable parts.

he was changing planes and had a layover,
so I headed over and cut through security.

I zipped down to the gate,
He ended up drinking 108 beers

“holy shit,”
and went and woke up a buddy of mine

I ran back to the bus and said
“happy birthday, boss”

he kicks my seat.
He was all pissed off.

he made it easy.
like dancing with a broomstick.

What do you mean smelly?
we all lived in a place called Falcons Rest.

“oh my gosh, why is this happening.”
“it never stops.”

when someone hits me with a microphone,
20-plus years of him standing at my right side.

and my son going to jail,
all the craziness.

help me understand how great life is.
to drag this dead animal back to life

but some of us are hard-headed.
people still function on that low level, bottom feeder,

we’re starting to put pieces of the puzzle together.
And it’s not gonna be pretty,

FSM, Oct. 2012

that this is the biggest day
this really is a pivotal point.

We’re starting to find the groove,
things are starting to feel right,

I was bouncing around
between doing nothing

Honestly, I don’t know strictly what I do.
I simply try to be there,

If there’s anything I can do to help
that’s great.

Verbally, we figured that
if we told someone to jump over a box
and land on someone’s head,
that’s what would happen.

big-picture feel
needs the right tools

slowly but surely
starting to build.

plugging all the holes
to help keep the boat floating.

turn heel,
lash out at everybody,

get red-hot,
a white meat babyface

I would always tease him
by calling him “Broccoli”
even if it made things worse.
There was always that hope

everything has calmed
and is pretty much cool.

everything is about timing and selling.
with the painted face et cetera.

Everything is fixable.

No regrets, as everything was a test.
that’s when I left the building.

HULK RULES! (pt. 2)
FSM, Oct. 2012

The closest thing
would be the infamous “Montreal Screwjob”,
which I still don’t totally understand.

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