All of the text for these erasure poems comes from transcripts of various interviews with Hulk Hogan from 1985-2013. I didn't adjust the order of anything from the original interviews, these are all Hulk's words. I only removed the interviewers' questions, cut down Mr. Hogan's answers, and rearranged them on the page. Read Part 1.

CBS2 Boomer And Carton Show via, Apr. 2013

if it gets really intense
we could go on forever.

The wrestling fans are so smart.
++++++++++They know fights in the locker room
that happened 20 years ago.

they’re always curious about what happened
when Andre went after Bad News Brown?
when Paul Orndoff wanted to beat up
Vader when he was naked in the shower?

Well brother,

This guy just knocked the door wide open.
a guy named Sting.

++++++++++a Mt. Rushmore for wrestling.

nobody said well
this is an exhibition
it could get really testy in there.
there was egos involved

++++++++++it was pretty intense.

U.K. Daily Star, Feb. 2013

It’s either hold ’em
+++++++++++++++++or fold ’em.

Is Dixie Carter really in the wrestling business?
+++++You’re at that point now.
You either run with the big dogs
or be a little dog and stay
++++++++++++++++++++++++on the porch.
it gives you a chance to sink your teeth
+++++into the characters and the company

most of the wrestlers
+++++They’d be bagging
groceries somewhere

+++++++++++++++I was a medium sized guy
++++++++The business has changed, the guys can do
more moves
+++++++++++more athletic

Sky News Radio via Online World of Wrestling, Jan. 2013

+++++To never say never.
time goes by, I live

+++++I’m not ego-talking
But, that was just the young heart talking.

a good look in the mirror
+++++the old man couldn’t do it.

My daughter Brooke might get in a bad spot
+++++I could roll in there
pick up a steel chair
+++++or throw a punch or something.

So, you can never say never.

it was the turning point
+++++switch gears
+++++the perfect storm.
America was at conflict with Iran/Iraq
+++++the political situation
between the countries.
between good vs. evil.

the look and the reaction
+++++off guard.
‘Oh, my God.’

It was good and bad for me
I felt like I had been in a car wreck

+++++making huge comebacks and
making the buildings rattle.
+++++Earthquake, One Man Gang

I had to hear it and feel it with the instinct thing.
+++++So, it just didn’t work

for whatever reason.

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