Collab Drops May 15th, 2057
New York, NY
Limited Run 5/15-5/16

Supreme, the streetwear brand known for partnering with Metrocard and White Castle announces their newest collaboration:


This gene collab redefines what it means to truly embody style.

Once a chosen thumb is made double-jointed, it's smothered in the brand's iconic red.

The application process is in line with previous drops, and available at four hidden pop-up locations throughout New York. To find these popups one must first buy a sledgehammer and slowly drill day by day into the sewers of Manhattan, until the LabelMan ™ is reached. Covered in the logos of Off-White, Palace, and of course Gucci. Destroying him is possible only through consistent slashing of one’s credit card.

Next is 2.4 miles of murky sewer. The first line of defense is a grouping of rats sporting custom Balenciagas made specifically for their tiny feet. Wait behind these rats until they’re replaced with a bleak of flashing light. Pursue this light and watch out for the overwhelming musk of hoodies and slides. It’s then that one is close… to the actual line.

Take a spot upon fanny pack road until the influencer operating the transformation is reached. Supreme has hand-selected a group including @avanope, @ifafyu, and @bloodyosiris known for their street style, and who once too had normal thumbs, just like you.

Creative director Baque posted to his Instagram Tuesday, “We realized clothes and objects are just so superficial. Supreme isn’t about that. We’re about embracing a movement, and going as far as possible to show our devotion to it. We expect gene collabs to take the Spring/Summer collections by storm. Watch Kith partner with the albino gene. Or Balenciaga with the wide-foot gene. They'll try to rip us off. But we'll always have been the first. Balls in your court Virgil Abloh.”

Join the movement!