Close your eyes, make a wish 1
And blow out the candlelight 2
For tonight is just your night 3
We're gonna celebrate 4
All through the night 5

1 Consent
2 Consent
3 This is a song about consent
4 You’re a man in a position of power and you probably karaoke this because it fucks and your need for the spotlight is gross.
5 But it fucks because it’s about consent, unlike you, who uses your seniority as a way to get off because no one would ever give a sad excuse of a man like you the time of day.

Pour the wine, light the fire 6
Girl your wish is my command 7
I submit to your demands 8
I will do anything 9
Girl you need only ask 10

6 Consent
7 She has autonomy
8 She has control
9 Theirs is an equal exchange of pleasure
10 Because it’s about…

I'll make love to you 11
Like you want me to 12
And I'll hold you tight 13
Baby all through the night 14
I'll make love to you 15
When you want me to 16
And I will not let go 17
‘Til you tell me to 18

11 …Consent!
12 Permission!
13 Because they like each other!
14 Without the fear that she’ll lose her job if she isn’t “down to clown!”
15 Mutual interest!
16 Songs have meanings!
17 Wait what?
18 Oh because her life is in her own hands and the Boyz want to make this experience as romantic and mutually beneficial as it deserves to be, you P.O.S.!

Girl relax, let's go slow 19
I ain't got nowhere to go 20
I'm just gonna concentrate on you 21
Girl are you ready? 22
It's gonna be a long night

19 Maybe you’re not in a position of power
20 Maybe you’re in what you consider a committed relationship
21 Did you know 1 in 4 women in a “committed relationship” are victims?
22 So the fact that you think you can still sing this song of love in front of friends and family who are probably extremely familiar with your beta identity and horrendous proclivities suggests a lack of self-awareness unheard of throughout most of recorded history.

Throw your clothes on the floor 23
I'm gonna take my clothes off too 24
I made plans to be with you 25
Girl whatever you ask me you know I can do 26

23 Fuck off
24 Seriously, go to hell
25 This jam is constantly and consistently a staple on bump ‘n grind playlists everywhere
26 And it’s hot shit because it’s about…

I'll make love to you 27
Like you want me to 28
And I'll hold you tight 29
Baby all through the night 30
I'll make love to you 31
When you want me to 32
And I will not let go 33
‘Til you tell me to 34

27 …two people genuinely interested in each other!
28 People who want to make the other feel safe!
29 Unlike you
30 Who has to say “let’s just keep this between us.”
31 So next time you think about grabbing the mic at 1AM
32 Don’t. And realize you’re caught.
33 And you’re fucked. Like you want.
34 Damn, this song is good.