The Mutant Madman of Main Street, Minnesota

Chapter 1

I’m going to eat you!”

A bony skeleton hand grabbed my shoulder and squeezed. I was dead! Dead! Dead!

I turned around. My breath caught in my throat.

But it wasn’t a skeleton! It was my little sister Debbie. She is such a pest.

“I scared you again!” Debbie taunted tauntingly. “Scaredy cat!” She had a button nose and a big, laughing mouth. She wore neon green overalls and a hot pink shirt. Even though she was eleven and I was twelve, Debbie was a lot braver than me, and she liked to prove it every chance she got.

“Quit it, melon head!” I ordered angrily. “We just moved into this old, scary house, and we have to unpack before our parents get back from their science jobs!”

“Fine!” she said. She stuck her tongue out of her big mouth.

Just as she said that, a big, dark shadow walked into the room. It had hundreds of waving tentacles and a thousand red eyes, eyes that bore through me.

Fear rushed through my body and I fell onto my elbows and knees.

“What’s wrong?” Debbie chortled chortingly.

The monster was right behind her now.

“Look out!” I screamed. “Look! Out!”

She turned around and wailed wailingly, “AAAAHHHH!”

Chapter 2

Then she laughed with her big mouth. “Is this all you’re afraid of?”

I looked up. It wasn’t a monster. It was a stupid broom!

I felt like such a loser! I stood up, wiping the dust off my purple and yellow pants. Why was I such a baby? Why? Why? Why?

Debbie laughed again. “What a wimp! You probably believe what Old Man Corcoran said about our house.”

I gulped. “W-w-w-what did he say about our house?” I stammered stammeringly.

“Nothing,” Debbie said with an evil grin on her big mouth. “Nothing except ghosts!”

“G-g-g-ghosts?” I gasped gaspingly.

Just then, there was a loud noise behind us. A ghostly voice moaned, “Get out!”

“D-d-do you hear that?” I whispered whisperingly.

Debbie’s smile faded on her big mouth. She adjusted the orange-and-purple flower hat on her mop of curly blonde hair. “Yes,” she said. “I hear it, too.”

We both turned around and saw it. It was the scariest thing we’d ever seen in our lives.

Chapter 3

Actually, it was just a filing cabinet.