To the boss person at the Aplebeeez thats next to my gynmastix hall,

I saw a sign in ur window and i think my favoritist teecher of all time evr who is reelly reelly nice and reelly reelly pretty would be awesum as a summr brake casual servr (even tho i dont reelly no what that meens). Her name is Miss S and she would be sucha goood servr cuz she is soo good at teeching me about all kind of stuff like how to math and how to run away from bois fast and how to say hard words rite like her last name 🙂

Miss S brightens my day and she will briten urs 2. The only time i evr seen Miss S sad was wen she was talking to my best frend Sofia Eggbets mom saying she had to find a extra job over summr brake cuz of rising interesting rates. (Sofias mom and i both think Miss S is still reelly pretty wen she cries.) I dont no what interesting rates is but i dont like it if it makes Miss S sad. So i want to do someting to help her so im riting this profeshinal referance lettr to u.

Miss S is by far the bestest and nicest and pretiest teecher ive evr had evr BY FAR EVR! My kindergarden teecher last year was Mr Jakobs and he was sooo old that my other best frend Madison Dublet sayd he was like almost 40! He doesnt teech anymore. Madisons mom said he died of old age or someting i think.

Some of the tings i LOVE about Miss S and tings that would make her a grate servr r that she helps me with reeding. So if some1 needs help with reeding a menu or “Stella the Starlight Dragon (Dragon Girls Book 9)” then she would be soo good at it!

Miss S also helps me with spelling (see no mistrakes yet!). So if a person evr needed to spell a tricky word then Miss S would make them feel god about themselves even if they r not as god as the rest of the classes.

And just yestrday i was totaly busting 4 the toirlet but didnt want to say so and then i had a accidant. If a customr goes to the toirlet not in the toirlet then Miss S will take them to the front office and wait with them and hold their hand til there mom or dad come with cleen clothes. She will also give them a sticker of a flower that says Wow!

1 time Tommy Flagger was being supa meen to me and saying that i have cooties. It was meen cuz i dont aktually have cooties. Last week i did hold Leo Thricks hand 4 like 2 sekonds, but i promise i didnt even like it. YUCK! And also u need to hold hands 4 more than 3 sekonds to get cooties so i definetly dont hav it. Miss S told Tommy to stop being meen and then he had to take a note home to his mommy and daddy. So if Tommy evr goes to Aplebeeez and says some1 has cooties then Miss S will tell him to stop.

So pleese hire Miss S cuz she is soo nice and reelly reelly pretty and i love her and she would be a reelly reelly good servr cuz she does soo much 4 me and even 4 bois like Tommy Flagger. And shes my favoritist teecher evr of all time evr by far and i dont think its fair she is sad.

Even tho skool closez over the summr 4 like agges, i aktually still do go to gynmastix on Toosday afternoons. And 4 dinnr after gynmastix i go to Aplebeeez. So if Miss S is a servr then i coold still see her over the brake pleese 🙂

p s if u want me 2 tell u more about Miss S then u can call my mom or Sofias mom or Madisons mom.

Thank u
Jaimie B 🙂