1. Regrets her lunch choice of kale Caesar salad with garlic bread.

2. Judges the immoral and irresponsible idiots walking around uncovered.

3. Breathes deeply while fantasizing about going Darth Vader on the rude barista.

4. Unsure if fogless sunglasses are a thing.

5. Sips an iced latte and wonders if a straw hole would be breaking the rules.

6. Not certain exactly how much coverage the authorities mandate but doesn’t want to risk it.

7. Expects to walk past a construction site without being catcalled.

8. Unnerved by the dirty looks but strides defiantly down the power tools aisle at Home Depot.

9. Not currently considering a road trip through the Deep South.

10. Responds poorly when a junior colleague mansplains why face covers are useless.

11. Hasn’t been told to smile by a stranger all week.

12. Awaits the day when people will see not a piece of fabric but a strong, independent woman who just wants to live her life.

Veiled Muslim Woman: 1-12
Woman Wearing a Face Mask During a Pandemic: 1-12