The Little Engine That Lost Its Medicare – After losing a spoke while transporting cargo, The Little Engine is no longer able to afford repairs. It just couldn’t anymore. Join the Little Engine on its downward spiral of huffing diesel and selling its body parts for cash.

The Perjury Tree – The Perjury Tree teaches a young boy how to lie under oath.

Oh the Places You Won’t Go Because of the Travel Ban – At the beginning of the book, it seems like you will be able to go anywhere, but by the last page you realize that life is more complicated than that and sadly, you’re going nowhere.

Where the Wild Things Happen and Nobody Cares – We find ourselves in a land where the most vile and upsetting things happen, but no one has the chutzpah to do anything about it.

Goodnight Moon, Will I See You Tomorrow—or Will There Be a Nuclear Holocaust? – Every day is a new day, but every night, the children wonder whether they will wake up to see another day.

Green Eggs and the Problem with the FBI – The president realizes only once the FBI is gone that he misses them and liked them after all.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Melania – Melania wonders if there is a God.

Are You My Mother? (And Other Questions Asked by Children at Migrant Detention Centers) – This one is just sad and there is no lesson.

How the Prophet Muhammed Stole Christmas – The Prophet Muhammed visits a small town. He is there to build houses for the poor, but the townspeople get spooked and think he is there to steal their baby Jesuses. Turns out it's just a classic case of xenophobia.

Horton Hears the “N” Word – In this tale, Horton stumbles upon a village of tiny racists.