I find jug-blowers to be the most sensual of the musicians, and any music nerd worth their salt is aware that Claremore, Oklahoma has the most enticing of these obscure instrument players in the country. These are the cream of the Claremore scene.

Jedidiah “The Jug” Wilkesbury

An obvious first entrant to this list. “The jug” is known for his unceasing eye contact during his sets and his rugged bad-boy persona. When Wilkesbury embarks on one of his famous 30-minute solos, I find myself hypnotized by his ability to command an entire room with one jug.

The Pine Oak Twins

Bilford Pine and Mumford Oak put together a jug-blowing duo that titlates the ears and the no-no area respectively. Though they have had a falling out recently, I just can’t bring myself to choose a side. Instead I remember the good times, when these two 85-year-old twins would blow that sweet jug music into the warm summer air.

Bubba “Bubs” Bubbleson

Now, before you go to the comments and mercilessly make fun of this choice, hear me out. Bubs has seen better days, I’ll admit that, but there’s something about a silver fox that a jug hound like myself just can’t resist. Call me crazy, but his rendition of “Susan Left Me (The Alimony Song)” brings me to tears every time I hear it live.

Dwight The Mouth

Come on. Do I even have to say it?

Cliff “The Jug” Murphy-Coleman

A bit of controversy with this pick. Some people take issue with Cliff “The Jug” Murphy Coleman’s nickname, saying that it was blatantly copying Jedidiah “The Jug” Wilkesbury’s stage name. But I am not here to talk politics. I focus on what I love about these beautiful musicians, not what I hate.

Camden Brazile

What? Haha, that’s my name. That isn’t supposed to be there. I’m not a famous jug-blower! Yet, at least. I mean, yeah I do have a demo tape, how did you know? I guess I could link to it in the comments, since you asked. Not that I consider myself one of the sexiest jug blowers, mind you. Why, yes, I have been working out, could you tell?