1. You keep checking your phone for texts from him.

2. You’d drop everything and drive hours to see him.

3. He brought a card to give you.

4. The first time you met him, he left you wanting more.

5. With him, you feel comfortable showing some skin.

6. His touch makes you tingle.

7. Spending time with him is life-changing.

8. He makes plans to see you again, preferably within the next four weeks.

9. He asks you to “stick” around for a while.

10. He checks in to see how you’re feeling.

11. You have so much in common, like your shared desire to survive.

12. Hanging out with him may result in temporary fever, chills, nausea, or headache.

13. All of your friends are jealous.

14. You keep reassuring other people that someday it will happen for them too.

15. Despite knowing he’s been with dozens of other people, you’re not threatened.

15. He’s already wearing protection.

16. He leaves you sore, but in a good way.

17. You can’t wait to see his Johnson & Johnson.

True Love: 1-11, 13-18
Getting Vaccinated: 1-18