Valentine's Day is right around the corner! While you're stocking up on chocolate-covered everything, fighting tooth and nail for a choice dinner reservation, and re-applying deodorant (you can never be too safe), why not revisit some PIC humor about love and romance?

There's no right way to spend this holiday, but there are definitely some wrong ways. These quizzes will help you out:

Okay I'm re-reading s “How to Wrap Your Gifts to Make It Look Like You Spent Time Thinking of What to Buy,” and you're telling me I have to get a gift, and then I have to also wrap the gift? Do you know how insane you sound?

Fortunately, some things about dating never change. That's why we're still watching re-runs of  Sex and the Ancient City.

But brace yourself—this is a holiday when the haters just love to say you don't really have a sweetie, like .

However, since you obviously do, if the date goes well, your underwear choice is going to be crucial, according to .

Speaking of which, if you've ever looked up “kinky” in the thesaurus, this piece by  is for you.

Happy Valentine's Day! Just remember that no one (NO ONE) loves you as much as we do here at Points in Case.