1. A woman becomes obsessed with a widower and his son, hiring a private investigator and following them across the country.
  2. A couple travel to Sweden with their friends for a summer solstice festival.
  3. A Black man travels to meet his white girlfriend’s family and is introduced to their family business.
  4. A woman realizes she’s in love with her best friend and vows to stop his wedding by any means necessary.
  5. A novelist is injured in a car crash and gets taken care of by a former nurse, who happens to be his biggest fan.
  6. A subway token collector is mistaken for a coma patient’s fiancée and ingratiates herself into his family.
  7. A bride spends her wedding night playing a game with her husband’s family on their luxurious estate.
  8. A woman on her way to reunite with her fiancé stops at a motel and dines with the proprietor.
  9. A 13-year-old girl wakes up in a new body as a 30-year-old, with no memory of the intervening years.
  10. An insurance clerk takes care of an elevator operator in his apartment as she recovers from a suicide attempt.
  11. A group of young filmmakers travel to rural Texas to make an adult film.
  12. Two platonic friends make an adult film in a Pittsburgh suburb.
  13. A 42-year-old comedy writer dates a 17-year-old girl.


1. Rom-com (Sleepless in Seattle)
2. Horror (Midsommar)
3. Horror (Get Out)
4. Rom-com (My Best Friend’s Wedding)
5. Horror (Misery)
6. Rom-com (While You Were Sleeping)
7. Horror (Ready or Not)
8. Horror (Psycho)
9. Rom-com (13 Going On 30)
10. Rom-com (The Apartment)
11. Horror (X)
12. Rom-com (Zack and Miri Make A Porno)
13. Rom-com (Manhattan)