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Ultimate Fish Oil

This is like regular fish oil, but rather than using weak fish, like salmon or herring, we use Ultimate Fish. These fish are only found at the bottom of Lake Erie during a solar eclipse. They’ve got rock hard bodies and cholesterol so low that the pharmaceutical industry is out to destroy them! Now you can consume their life-force with our Ultimate Fish Oil and get that body (and cholesterol level) you’ve always wanted.

Brain Force Plus

Everyone loves riding motorcycles to Sunday School but no one likes wearing lame helmets. That’s why we developed Brain Force Plus. It solidifies your brain into a concrete slab so that the next time you crash into the side of a 2004 Honda Civic, you’ll be standing on the side of the road in shock at the amount of damage your concrete brain can deliver.

Super Male Vitality

We went to a gas station and bought every single dick pill that we could get our hands on. Then we crushed them up and put them into a vial. THIS IS THAT VIAL. Take one drop of this and your dick will be harder than the Bar Exam.

Living Defense

Are you concerned about home security? With Living Defense, you’ll have all the security you need! We used the latest technology to trap an Arabian Fat-Tailed Scorpion and then we put that scorpion inside this pill bottle. So the next time an intruder comes sliding down your chimney, all you need to do is grab your bottle of Living Defense and chuck that scorpion straight at the intruder’s face.

Super Female Vitality

We took prenatal vitamins and a bunch of dick pills from the gas station, crushed them up, mixed them together, and put them into a vial. THIS IS THAT VIAL.

Knockout Sleep Support

Imagine driving down a dark and empty highway in your 2004 Honda Civic. All of a sudden, a man with a concrete brain smashes his motorcycle into you. Six weeks later, you wake up from a coma feeling completely refreshed. That’s what Knockout Sleep Support will feel like after just one pill!

Antimicrobial Power Toothbrush

We were running out of ideas, so we bought a vibrator and slapped some bristles on it. Now your mouth can achieve antimicrobial climax in just thirty seconds thanks to our advanced toothbrush technology. Say goodbye to those globalist germs and hello to the taste of vibrating freedom!

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