Act One

A group of friends is making plans to hang (“Who’s Down for Infinity War???”). Kristen announces a complication—she has Movie Pass. Campbell, secretly miffed, tells her it’s fine (“Lol Mkay It’s Chill”).

Two weeks have passed. The group text is on fire over a meme (“Liked An Image”). Unable to react to texts, Ralph feels left out of the fun (“Soliloquy – Android’s Lament”).

It’s Halloween, and the gang is planning a bar crawl (“SO LIT LOLOL”). Later that night, Campbell has trouble finding them (“Hey I’m Here. Where Are You?”).

Campbell finds them, just in time to see Kristen making out with a random guy. Campbell leaves early, and Tracy texts him to see if he’s ok. Campbell lies (“Lol Mkay It’s Chill – Reprise”).

Kristen wants her new boyfriend to tag along to everything the gang’s doing (“Can Aidan Come??”). Campbell suffers in silence and tweets passive-aggressive threads as a coping mechanism.

Andrew only uses one response for everything (“Yesssss”).

Ralph is tired of constant notifications wrecking his battery life (“Soliloquy – Muting This Shit”).

Act Two

(“Entr’acte”). Kristen starts choosing to spend more and more time with Aidan over the group (“Sorry Cant Make It Have Funnnnn”). Tracy keeps running 40 minutes late for everything (“Sorryyyyyy”).

A month goes by. Campbell misses Kristen and is pleasantly surprised when she responds to a Salt Bae meme he sends to the group (“Liked An Image – Reprise”).

Andrew has a new response for everything (“Lmaoooooo Yes”). Ralph comes to back to the group text (“Sup It’s Been Awhile”).

Kristen is disappointed that Aidan doesn’t appreciate Salt Bae as much as she does. She suddenly realizes that Campbell is the right guy for her and breaks up promptly with Aidan (“I Can’t Even Anymore”).

Kristen asks Campbell to meet her at a bar as soon as possible. Stumbling through the crowd while barely looking up from her phone, she tries to find him (“Hey I’m Here. Where Are You? – Reprise”). Campbell shows up, and they declare their love for each other (“Loved An Image – Pas de Deux”).

Trent responds to the group for the first time (“Just got all your texts. So Confused”).

The gang plans to meet and spends a week figuring out when everyone can make it (“Brunch?? – Finale”).