Our Mountain View operation is on the lookout for another full-time rockstar (mortician)! As a disruptive new startup mortuary, we believe that celebrating somebody’s life shouldn’t be all confusion and sadness—it should be fun! Fun is our secret sriracha.

Only people with WOW need apply:

– Are you the kind of person who carries a casket with a skip in their step—or aspires to?
– Have you shown enthusiasm for embalming roadkill since a young age? All of our mortuary crew taxidermied pets and pests as children. We believe passion starts young.
– Is your favorite read the AB-967 California Human Remains bill? Fun fact: our CEO’s jazz band is named after the first six words of §68.7117(b)!

If you answered yes to all these, you might be the right fit!

How we’ll assess you

Interviews are boring. Instead, everybody starts with an on-site observation with real corpses! We call it awesomegeddon—a place for you to show us your passion. We’ll be looking at:

– How high-spirited your hearse cleaning game is
– Your entertaining allure while embalming
– The pep and zing you exude while applying cosmetics to a boating accident victim

For somebody with passion, awesomegeddon is a walk in the park!

Passion every day

If you’re successful, you’ll join us and begin living our core values: family, hustle, and funfullness.

– Family. Exactly what it sounds like. Dressing your biological family in your work family’s branding and posting it to our Instagram three times a day. A post could be as uninvolved as your grandmother rocking our signature hooded long-coat. We even have urn onesies for babies!
– Hustle. Doubled checking a stab victim’s sutures over FaceTime? That’s cool! At 8 PM on your sister's wedding night? That’s hustle. Hustling outside of the office hours is mandatory.
– Funfullness. Your innate passion for death means you’ll naturally be chipper when you sew up cadavers’ bluing lips and apply warming cosmetics to them. That’s all funfullness is.

So long as you continually exude our core values all the time, you won’t need to worry about being abruptly fired. Who said burial had to be boring?

Peek our perks

– We’re a 100% alkaline hydrolysis certified facility! We can dissolve bodies right into the wastewater lines
– We stashed the office with all the latest bodily fluid draining tech
– An office dog named Cremulator

Sound like a gas?

Apply now with a quick 2-minute video answering this question: What flowers would you recommend to a recently orphaned 13-year-old?

We’re excited to see your funfullness in action!