Who We Are:

Rodilla is a groundbreaking, comfort-focused kneepad startup with an empowering mission to help humans with bad knees. More specifically, beach volleyball players with bad knees.

Our company launched in 2018 by three UCLA dropouts, who were tired of knee pain during intramural beach volleyball games. We’ve sold half a million kneepads so far, and we hope to spike the next fiscal quarter by surpassing a million.

Rodilla isn't like other kneepad startups. We’re a family. We’re a team. More importantly, a badass co-ed beach volleyball team.

As you can tell from the cuss words—we do things differently around here. Like when we realized how stressful picking an insurance plan is and, as a company that takes mental health seriously, removed health insurance altogether. Say adios amigos to those pesky insurance cards. Our idea of healthcare? Going hard AF in the hot sands of a beach volleyball court.

Some other perks of being a Rodilla-ster include unlimited time off (as long as your time is spent at a beach volleyball camp) and partial reimbursement for uniform fees. Plus, ultimate bragging rights once we win the 34th Annual West Hollywood Intramural Beach Volleyball Sand Smash.

Working at Rodilla isn’t just a job or a way to pay off crippling student loan debt—it’s a lifestyle.

Who You Are:

A workhorse in the chiseled body of Val Kilmer circa 1986. We’re looking for someone who can take charge and call “Mine!” every time our founders ask whose weekend will be spent working. You’re the ultimate team player who’s not concerned about getting paid on time or ever, and you don’t mind leading our daily 5 AM 5K's along Santa Monica beach.


We appreciate you attaching your résumé and cover letter. Luckily for you, we hate traditional hiring processes and we won’t take one look at your qualifications. We prefer to use a questionnaire to hire because we love watching you dig for it. *winky face*

1. We value a fun work culture. What position would you be in a hypothetical, mandatory intramural beach volleyball game?

2. We love team players who go all in. Would you dive for a ball even if it’s out of reach?

3. In 2,000 words or more, explain what you excel at and why it’s returning a wicked serve.

4. What are your strengths? If your answer is underhand serves, leave the rest of the application blank.

5. What are your weaknesses? If your answer is sky ball serves, leave the rest of the application blank.

6. Do you want kids? If yes, you know what to do.

7. Where do you see yourself in five years: Venice Beach or Huntington?

8. What’s your experience testing knee pads in a professional setting?

9. Describe your perfect knee to us.

10. How do you pull yourself together after leaving it all on the court?

11. How many times have you oiled up your bod in your lifetime?

12. In the past six months?

13. The last hour?

14. Kneecaps—for or against?

15. Salary requirement? If it’s above the city poverty line, don’t bother.


Telling your parents you have a full-time job.