1. Is your “improv team” comprised almost entirely of white men in their mid to-late twenties (the majority of whom sport large beards in a thinly-veiled compensation for early onset male pattern baldness)?

2. Does your “improv team” go by a cute-ish, possibly pun-based name like “Nutz and Boltz,” “Bad Uncle Jimmy,” or “The Proud Boys”?

3. Is your “improv team” theoretically open to admitting more women and people of color–you just haven't been able to find any who “seem like they really get the whole vibe of the group, you know?”

4. Does your “improv team” spend an inordinate amount of time talking about how some groups are just better than other groups?

5. Does your “improv team” feel that the increasing level of diversity in the entertainment industry means that they'll never get their shot?

6. Does your “improv team” have A LOT to say about the all-female Ghostbusters reboot?

7. When you tell your friends that you've joined an “improv team,” is their initial reaction some variation on the phrase, “Okay, but that doesn't mean that you're going to invite me to your things, right?”

8. Do you refrain from telling your co-workers that you've joined an “improv team” for fear that they may no longer respect you professionally?

9. Does your “improv team” achieve a sense of group mind through pattern-based warm-up games like “Zip-Zap-Zop,” “Gibberish Round Robin,” or “Jews Will Not Replace Us”?

10. Are your “improv team's” out-of-town “gigs” generally met with a combination of indifference and indignation from the local community?

11. Does your “improv team” wish that people “would just stop being so PC!” about their reductive racial stereotypes and broad-based ethnic impersonations?

12. Does your “improv team” spend way too much time focused on bolstering up its “web presence”?

13. Are your “improv team's” promotional videos shoddily produced, auditorily offensive, and seemingly lit by torch-light?

14. Has anyone ever described your “improv team” as being “…really just a bunch of people making up nonsense and then expecting us to clap for it…”?

15. Is your “improv team” actually an “alt-right men's group“?